Road Construction Can Kill a Restaurant: Mattito’s in Uptown Fears For Its Life

Most restaurants run on tight margins. They take a chance every time they place an order for supplies. Today comes word from Jeff Frankel, owner of Mattito’s. The city has basically shut down Routh St. between Cedar Springs and Carlisle, leaving Mattito’s customers wondering how they get to his restaurant. They have place a “road closed” and “no outlet” sign at Carlisle. Yesterday, the first day of the closure, his sales were cut in half. Frankel is headed to City Hall to ask for relief. Meanwhile, Mattito’s is open and the parking lot is easily accessible via Carlisle. Go. Eat. Report.


  • Darren

    I live at that intersection, and it has been a clusterf*ck for the past month or so. Carlisle crossing Cedar Springs has finally opened back up to 2-way traffic, so he should see some business pick back up.

  • merrimanwines


  • Dubious Brother

    Remember what the McKinney Avenue Trolley construction did for all of the businesses along the route and that took years not weeks.

  • Gerald Fine

    I office on Fairmount. We eat there once a week. Never could figure out the Road Closed signs that have been up for some time. The Wells Fargo and Mattitos parking lots are visible and accessible.

  • Darren

    Checked last night. Routh & Cedar Springs is closed in front of Mattito’s. Routh & Carlisle is open.

  • CoB

    Look at the restaurants at Preston / LBJ. Mario & Alberto closed in September and all of the others are on life support.

  • FoodSparks

    I have to pass through this mess every morning to get to work and agree wholeheartedly with Darren, it is a CLUSTER! And all for a “beautification project” – which seems to me, at this point anyway, to only be bricking the crosswalks and redoing the medians??? Maybe adding a turn lane here and there? The 5:30 p.m. commute home is even more horrifying because they let up on the lane closure in front of the Crescent/Horchow, and now all the a**holes block the Fairmount/Cedar intersection because they’ve raced past you to cut over in front of the lane closure. Perfection.

  • Me Too

    I went through the McKinney Ave Trolley mess. Seems like the day I opened, they started construction. Every time I call the Trolley Assoc and associated people, they did nothing. I had to resort to directing dump trucks and flatbeds myself. Damien and others thought I was crazy…..Watel’s almost caved through the year+ long project, but with my aggressive behavior the restaurant made it……. I would elaborate, but it is not pretty…..

  • Tmrr

    Went to Mangiomo the other night (in the old Opa space) and they are clearly impacted by the construction. The food was terrific and byob.

  • Russ Vandeveerdonk

    Not a good thing for a “legendary” restaurant that has paid taxes to our city for decades as has his family. Something has got to give,…how about a nice property tax break from the city to his restaurant? To ease the building debts they are experiencing now?

  • mrEmannE

    Would someone please explain to me WHY Dallas feels the NEED to work on a road that is not really in NEED of repair? With all of the streets in this town that look like a teenagers’ nightmare, they pick on a street in good shape to tear up and wreck everyones’ commute, AND put taxpaying businesses OUT of business. You ask me, somebody’s got a sticky hand in the concrete manufacturers slush fund. Impossible, right? Riiight… JMO.