• JS

    Thanks to Shelley’s review, I gave Avila’s another try. I had stopped going after the family squabble — not because I was taking sides, but because in my view the food quality had slipped quite substantially from its pre-squabble heights. I am happy to report that my lunch at Avila’s was great — wonderful service and great tasting food. Avila’s is now back in my lunch rotation!

  • MLH

    People have really not been eating and reporting back lately. And it makes me sad.

  • NoD Mom

    @MLH…makes me sad too…so here goes the first post ever! Blue Fish for lunch – you can’t beat the 2 for 1 sushi at lunch and it is always consistent. The place that I have just tried again and can’t get off my mind off of though is Lazaranda on Beltline just west of the tollroad. Decent happy hour (loved Trulucks RIP). I have had the tuna tostada, the grilled panella cheese was surprisingly good, the shrimp ceviche (would try the others). Really something for everyone there…even kids.

  • M

    Nobu! A group of friends and I returned to Nobu for an exceptional Omakase (not in the menu items) done by chefs Mitsuhiro Eguchi and Matt Raso. We were all blown away! Two dishes really stood out for me, the faux pasta made of hearts of palm and the Kobe beef with Cabbage. I suggest people go!!!

  • The Guy

    Thanks to all the positive comments here, we tried Jeng Chi. Wasn’t as knocked out as some others by the green onion pancakes, but the little juicy dumplings were very good. Entrees were eggplant with pork and garlic (terrific) and beef with bell pepper and black bean sauce (delicious–very, very tender and flavorful beef). Good prices, service couldn’t have been nicer.