• twinwillow

    Looks like I’m leading off today.
    Monday night dinner with friends at El Tizoncito’s newest location on Lemmon Avenue. It’s just across the road from the RaceTrack gas station.
    This is not your mother’s “Tex-Mex”! It’s strictly the best of Mexico City style cooking. Including the slicing of pork from a Trompo for the Al Pastor dishes. Instead of chips and salsa when you sit down, you immediately are brought a small, delicious bowl of bean soup made with bits of onion and cilantro. Apps include an amazing cheese “Chicharron” made without meat, just a fabulous cheese fried over a heated mold to form a crispy skin of fried cheese. That, becomes your “chips” as you pick off pieces it to eat. All the (true) Mexican dishes we enjoyed were
    muy delicioso! Including their original fruit variations of potent Margaritas. Atmosphere is modern and casual. Service was excellent and prices are a bargain!

  • KerryDP

    Mr Mesero is a must! The Queso Mesero is unlike anything I’ve ever had. Add the pickled veggies to it for an extra special treat. Although, I do not recommend this for a 1st or blind date, unless gooey cheese dripping down said date’s face and arms is a turn on for you. As a matter of fact my husband and I also had taco all over us by the end of the night. Delicious and worth it though. He looked at me and said “I’m so glad we already love each other because this is just embarrassing!” as he wiped cheese from his beard.

  • Jonathon nicholson

    I have been to nosh three times this week for the ivory salmon. This is the highest quality salmon you can buy. It blows away copper river salmon. I would gobble up ivory salmon every chance I got while spending summers in Alaska. This is the first time I have seen this rare treat in the lower 48. I strongly suggest coming to try it before I eat it all.

  • PF

    Dinner at The Grape – good service, great food (amazing, they get the hot foods out hot, who would have thought it to be so hard). Roasted Lamb Denver Ribs were the hit at the table.
    Dinner at Bolsa – gracious hostess. Waiter took the order and delivered the bill. Very good salads, surprisingly big portions. Entrees (chicken breast-sous vide), scallops – good but not great. Chicken was served barely warm.
    Lunch at Malai – excellent service starting with a friendly hostess and good wait staff. Lemongrass chicken entree was OK, will return and try the pho or banh mi.
    Lunch at Empire Bakery – a week doesn’t seem to go by without a stop here.
    Dinner at Taco Joint – seems to be a week doesn’t go by without a stop here too.

  • twinwillow

    Lunch today. The line at Pecan Lodge was probably 30-40 deep so, (sorry, Jay) plan B was put into action at Cane Rosso. We had the two for lunch special for $20.00 plus tax and tip.
    Consisting of,
    A huge Caesar Salad the two of us could hardly finish, an “Emma” pizza with fresh mozzarella, basil and Jimmy’s hot sausage and, ice tea x 2.
    As usual, assolutemente, delizoso! There is no better pizza in all of Dallas!

  • Vwgirl

    Meso Maya for father’s day brunch. The redfish was superb. Louies for pizza — hands down best pie in Dallas plus strongest drinks around — those bartenders don’t mess around. Taco Ocho in Richardson twice for lunch — very good.

  • Cassi

    I know it’s not really a restaurant but I went to Spec’s. The likkah was cheap but the customer service is so incredibly bad. I would have bought about $100 more if I could have gotten some help.

  • Amy S

    After tonight I am convinced that Eden Cafe (on Lover’s Lane) is the best kept secret in Dallas. And it’s BYOB. And I went by myself and felt absolutely 100% comfortable dining in such an homey old ranch house. What I don’t get, is when the discussion of chef-owned, intimate, darling little neighborhood spots comes up, how is this place not at the top of the list? Chef Karen Kahn is doing a fabulous job. Brava, chef, brava.

    NN – on a history note, I found out that Chef helped open many of our upscale hotels, including the Anatole. She fondly remembers the opening of Nana, and Chefs Ron Rosenbaum and Robbin Haas. Those were some days.

  • Jonathon nicholson

    I enjoyed nosh so much this week I decided to go give snack a try. What a fun and different dinning experience. We got to try many of the tapas style dishes. It was so nice to sit down and order a few things and slowly go thru the menu. Service was outstanding and I am looking forward to trying out brunch, the menu looked delicious. I can’t wait to go back and work my way thru the menu. Snack is easily one of the most unique dinning experiences I have ever had. Keep up the good work in the front and back of the house.

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