Breastaurants Are Busting Out All Over


According to, diners can look forward to an increase in sports-themed restaurants featuring scantily clad servers. Those servers would be women. In fact, the article refers to breastaurants as “part of a booming niche in the beleaguered restaurant industry.” Associated Press Reporter Candice Choi writes:

Instead of relying on lust alone, the new crop of restaurants is growing by offering new themes (think: rustic lodges and Celtic pubs) and varied menus (think: pot roast and shepherd’s pie instead of just burgers and wings). In other words, they’re hoping maybe people really are coming in for the food.

We’ve talked about this before. Last year, we wrote about Breastaurant Row in Lewisville. We also opened the floor to commenters to come up with names of restaurants using male body parts as themes. (Twin Pricks, Tooter’s, Pecker’s Hot Italian Sausage, Tube Steak Junction, Long Dong Silver, Tally Whacker’s, andTwig and Berries) Why do boys get all of the visuals? I can’t wait for a sports-themed restaurant where I can watch the Rangers on TV while noshing on a plate of Roman artichoke nachos served by an oiled stud muffin in a loin cloth. Join me?


  • FarmerGirl

    Artichoke nachos sound good

  • Josh Hamilton’s Smokin’ Bat? Josh Hamilton’s Long Ball Hitters? Josh Hamilton’s Slip-N-Slide? The hits just keep coming, not unlike Hamilton himself.