Social 121 in Plano is Riding on the Struggle Bus

Oh, shoot. Teresa Gubbins has word that Social 121 in Plano discharged its kitchen staff, including recent hire Christopher Short, manager Abe Aguirre, and chef Jason Skinner. The staff was dismissed in early March, shortly after our contributor Andrew Chalk revisited the bar/restaurant for a second tasting and declared, “Almost one year after its opening, I can report: it’s solid, man.”

Apparently, not as solid as he’d thought. Teresa writes:

Aguirre said that the restaurant side of Social 121 had been struggling. “The bar side took over the restaurant side,” he said.

Now the restaurant is operating as a bar with a “lounge menu.”


  • sam

    We are not surprised! We where there last month for dinner on friday, food was good but to be honest management sucks.. owner was running around like a donkey.

  • ex cook

    greedy people always fail