Manuel’s Creative Cuisine Opens in Dallas

Tomato soup with shrimp
Tomato soup with shrimp (photography by Desiree Espada)

Everyone in Los Cabos (and even those who aren’t) will tell you that you must try Manuel’s Creative Cuisine, a restaurant located along the Sea of Cortez. Now chef and owner Manuel Arrendondo uses his 30 years of experience in the kitchen to open his first location in Dallas along Cedar Springs Road. These windows don’t look out to calming sea waters, but the minimalistic style and gastronomic experience  at his Dallas location is much the same.

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Manuel Arrendondo and his wife, Virny

How exactly did a nice couple from a resort area in Mexico decide to move to Dallas?

Chef Manuel: “I have a dear friend, Jay Robinson, who visited my restaurant in Los Cabos, and he kept saying, ‘You need to move to Dallas; you need to move to Dallas.’ I told him, ‘If you find me a space, I will come.’ Two days later, he sends me an email and tells me this space is open.'”

Shrimp hor d'oeuvres (photography by Desiree Espada)
Shrimp hor d'oeuvres (photography by Desiree Espada)

At the restaurant’s opening party on Saturday, Chef Manuel and his wife, Virny, served wine, cocktails, and little bites of creativity. The food, Virny says, is mostly organic. Everything is homemade, and the meats come from local sources.

“We’re very respectful of the seasons, and we want to sell foods that are healthy for the body. In this way, we feel we are contributing something.”

The front doors

I noticed that I was the only media person at the opening party. Virny and Chef Manuel had not done much to advertise their new restaurant; instead, they surrounded themselves in an intimate gathering of friends and family who, Virny says, “love us and give us well-wishes.”

Chicken kebabs in a coconut base (photography by Desiree Espada)

Manuel’s Creative Cuisine officially opened doors on Monday, March 19. The beautiful red, white, and black interior provides a simple and modern landscape for pleasurable dining experience. Chef Manuel and his wife want their customers to mostly focus on the food.

“Dallas is a great city. There’s a lot of people looking for healthy and creative cuisine, and I think we fit that,” says Virny.

Even though the couple has lived in Dallas before for six months, this time they are settling down and calling it home.