Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Garlic Bread in Dallas

Here’s a request you don’t see everyday. Hear her plea:

Nancy, I have a constant craving for garlic rolls. I’m am six months pregnant and I think about garlic bread all of the time. I would like to know your favorite places but what I am really looking for is a recipe so I can make my own. Neither my husband or I are very good at cooking but how hard can garlic bread be if we don’t make the bread. Maybe you’re readers can help.

Hit it, yáll.


  • Eagles

    You can make garlic rolls using pizza dough. Almost all locally owned, non-chain, pizza places will gladly sell you a ball of dough. My husband makes the rolls into knots and brushes them with olive oil, a little salt, and garlic that has been smashed into a paste. Bake them in a 525 degree oven until golden brown. They are delicious.

  • irodguy

    Depends on what side of the metroplex you are on. I would suggest Sicillianos in Garland. They bring garlic rolls to the table with your food and don’t stop until you beg them to 🙂

  • David

    She should be able to smell the garlic rolls at Alfonso’s (Northcliff at Buckner) from virtually any corner of the city. Enjoy!

  • ducky

    The easiest and fastest recipe: Buy french bread at the store, cut into slices, coat with spreadable butter, sprinkle on garlic powder (and/or minced garlic) and some parmesan cheese. Put in oven and broil until starts to turn brown on the edges.

  • allison

    Siciliano’s. Don’t let the fact the location looks like a fancy funeral home on the outside scare you. The garlic rolls are addictive.

  • Lauren J.

    Angelo’s in Lakewood has really good garlic rolls that come with warm marinara for dipping. Super yummy!

  • sars

    best garlic rolls ever.

  • 2nd Alfonso’s but the garlic bread at Bugatti’s is ridiculously good.

  • Steven F

    I agree on both Alfonsos and Bugatti also Cremonas is pretty good!

  • Elaine

    Campisi’s Egyptian Room on Mockingbird. Awesome.

  • adkim

    not proud of this guilty pleasure, but Little Caesars crazy bread.

  • Twinwillow

    Third Alphonso’s!

    But, all MUST try the unbelievable garlic bread at Amici Signature in Carrollton.
    It will blow you away! Ps, bring mints with you.

  • Arowell94

    Saviano’s on Main in Euless…yummy!