Abraham Salum Eats Malaysian Food For the First Time!

Abraham Salum, owner of Salum and Komali, mentioned that he had never had Malaysian food.  We took him to Blue Ginger Garden in Plano and asked him for his reaction.

We paid for our own food and ordered from the menu.


  • This place is all the rage for those in the know! :^)

  • RJ

    Well actually, from all the malaysian/singaporean restaurant in DFW area, this is the bad one.
    Go to Secret Recipe in Carollton or Lion City Cafe in Plano for better food.

  • Andrew Chalk

    RJ: Neither of those is Malaysian and neither call themselves such. Lion City is Singaporean (i.e. a variant of Chinese cooking) and Secret Recipe has an under-the-counter alternate menu of a few Malaysian dishes. It is not comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination. I like, and I eat at, both places, but for what they are.

  • irodguy

    I would agree of the Malaysian in town Blue Ginger is the most consistent and the widest menu. The only thing that comes close the the small restaurant in the food court on Legacy & 75.

  • Twinwillow

    Blue Ginger Garden certainly does it for me. Great Malay food with a great host and hostess. I only wish they were closer to me so I could eat there more often.

  • irodguy


    Andrew and I discussed that very thing last time we had lunch. Plano has quietly built up the number of ethnic food choices. It’s where people of those ethnicities have congregated so the restaurants have followed.

  • RJ

    Andrew: and you would know that Singaporean is a variant of chinese cooking because you’ve been there instead of me who has actually lived there and come from that particular area of the world?
    Secret Recipe only has a few malaysian items on the menu? You must not be in the know.

    Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian (western part) food are very similar with each other.
    They fight tooth and nail over who invent laksa and chicken rice. A lot of people think that beef rendang is from malaysia while in fact that food comes from neighboring Indonesia (which also has a laksa variant).

  • RJ

    another question: what do you mean secret recipe is not comprehensive? I’ve compared their menu with blue ginger and it’s not even close. Secret recipe menu’s looks like a book and only has some that are not truly malaysian/singaporean food.

    Now I’m curious what “under the counter” menu you’re talking about.