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John Tesar’s Hater’s Party Turns Into a Love-In

Anqullkah Udama, Elaine Vasquez, John Tesar, Maria Mejia, and Rich Lacamana (Photo by Desirée Espada)

I snuck in to John Tesar’s Hater’s Party last night. My friend Laura and I arrived early and watched them set up. Tesar was running around organizing the seating and the free booze and tacos in the Camanera Tequila truck parked outside the restaurant. By the time we left (7:30PM), there were about 40 people on the patio. I witnessed no hate; only love for John Tesar. Our photographer, Desiree Espada, took pictures.

Jump for the love of John.

Gloria and Dan Burrows (Photo by Desirée Espada)
Shannon Silver, Drunk guy "Matt", Lisa Strouv, and Michael Miller (Photo by Desirée Espada)
The Camanera Tequila taco truck parked in One Arts Plaza. (Photo by Desirée Espada)
Lailani Mckeel and Lance McFarland (left); Greg and Angie Barrett brought their pup Grace Kelly to escape the heat. (Photos by Desirée Espada)
The sign advising Haters to party on the plaza (left); Anqullkah Udamaand Elaine Vasquez (right). (Photo by Desirée Espada)
Tacos, nachos & beer. (Photo by Desirée Espada)
Empties (Photo by Desirée Espada)
John Tesar hands off pork tacos from inside the Camanera Tequila taco truck. (Photo by Desirée Espada)