Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Peach Cobbler in Dallas

Assembling a mise en place for my super-secret East Texas peaches dessert. Doggie chew bone (right) not included.

Have you been eating Texas peaches? This guy has and he has a question for you.

Just finished some peaches I picked up at Dallas Farmers Market last week, and they were spectacular. Which brings to mind the question: which restaurants in town serve a great cobbler? I’m a Southern boy and really enjoy these  two months of the year when you can get a good peach cobbler at its freshest. Any info would be appreciated.

I’m not giving him my address and I know Gubbins wouldn’t give out hers. So, restaurants feel free to sell your peach desserts below.


  • queuno

    You have to drive way out to Keller, but Grill 1709 has a great peach cobbler.

  • Amy S

    Excuse me, but I want what she’s having.

  • the peach cobbler at parigi has been around since marilyn and andree opened parigi 27 years ago. add a little henry’s homemade vanilla ice cream, and man-o-man, will that sweet tooth be happy!

  • Audreydw

    I love the peach cobbler at Parigi always was delicious.

  • If you love peaches, try our Grilled Texas Peach Salad. It’s a Summer special and it’s insanely delicious!

  • Gig

    I had a wondeful peach cobbler at Zanata in downtown Plano. Great restaurant too.

  • Loopy

    Skip the cobbler and go to cane rosso for the Bella mella with peaches! O.m.g

  • We had an amazing Blackberry Peach Cobbler featuring blackberries and peaches from Larken Farms in Waxahachie. So good that you just might get to see it in Edible DFW’s cookbook. Hopefully. Since Larken Farms is done with blackberries it’s been a while since we’ve had it. Although, John from Comeback Creek Farm is stopping by on Saturday with some of his blueberries. We’ll make some blueberry peach cobbler just for mr. peach up there. I don’t mind giving my address to strangers.

    Garden Cafe
    5310 Junius
    Dallas, TX 75214

  • Mr. Peach

    Yes, I am Mr. Peach and many thanks to Nancy and the Respondants (kinda sounds like a Deep Ellum band) for posting this request. I seriously look forward to trying blueberry peach cobbler sometime in the next week (thank you Mark), as well as several of the others. I guess we’ve got about 6-8 weeks left in the season, so thank you all again for keeping me busy.

  • Shelby

    Hey Nancy, My name is Shelby Sieg and I’m the Pastry Chef at Old Hickory Steakhouse at the Gaylord Texan. Joanne Bondy said to let you know that we are featuring a Texas peach and blackberry cobbler with brown sugar ice cream on our Farm to Market menu. Tell everyone to stop by and try this baked fresh daily dessert!

  • DRay

    The best peach cobbler is the one you make in your own kitchen!

  • Mark…you’re blackberry peach cobbler was amazing! I find myself thinking about it as I see the peaches going into the boxes! I’m ready for more of your cobbler! Thank you so much for giving us a chance. 🙂 I love hearing about what you make with our peaches and how receptive you patrons are to your creativity! If you haven’t tried Marks peach desserts….go tomorrow!

  • Glenn Campbell

    Cowboy Chicken