Opening Night at La Fiorentina. Bistecca + Napoleon = Una Buona Serata

La Fiorentina'a crostini of the day with prosciutto, lardo, raosted tomatoes, and pureed cannellini beans.

When La Fiorentina Tuscan Steakhouse opened its doors to the public on Dec. 1, we were first in line. Follow the link for some awesome pictures and to find out what Alberto Lombardi has up his sleeve with his new Tuscan steakhouse.

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  • I read the first posts and asked a local wine guru about the Bistecca Fiorentina debate. From what I understand and this is just me, please don’t get on my case, but if the steak doesn’t come from the Chianina breed then it’s just a porterhouse. I even consulted wikipedia and they verify the same. So can a restaurant offer beluga when it’s really osetra? If a Lombardi family member has anything to do with it, I guess yes. I’ll try them out this weekend, still sounds like a great place.

  • gavlist

    Nice pictures and write up… but you might want to edit the caption for your “picture-perfect espresso”. It’s not an espresso.

  • JI

    @gavlist – that error was transposed like a bad gene when SideDish lifted this review from Leslie Brenner’s write up on this place.

  • Right you are, Gavlist. It’s a cappuccino.

    Wrong you are, Jl. This article is 100 percent original, including the error.

  • JI

    @Sarah – sarcasm, clearly derived from the ridiculous BBQ discussions.

  • Ah, sarcasm. How well we know thee around here.