Catching Up With Former French Room Chef William Koval

William Koval does Golf Cuisine? Veal shank? Dog legs? Club sandwich?

The French Room at the Hotel Adolphus has had its ups and downs over the years. During chef William Koval’s 12-year reign in the kitchen, the food served in the gorgeous rococo dining room was superb. He guided the iconic eatery at the Hotel Adolphus back into the national spotlight. He left in 2005. And while the French Room is still hanging on, there is talk under the tables that if the economy doesn’t rebound faster than Moses Malone, the space will undergo a big change. Money talks and rococo walks.

Anywhoo, back to Koval. He headed to Seattle in 2005 but was talked back to Dallas by Lucian LaBarba, president of FreshPoint Dallas. In fact LaBarba, a member of Lakewood Country Club, persuaded Koval to head up the club’s kitchen.  Golf writer Curt Sampson met Koval and wrote a nice story on him. Read it here.