Who Has the Best Barbecue in Dallas? You Will Know on Thursday

The February issue of D Magazine is scheduled to hit newsstands on Monday, January 18 Thursday, January 21 (thanks, Tim). The cover story, The Best Barbecue in Dallas, will reveal the top 16 ‘cue joints around town. The top picks were determined by Daniel Vaughn, the self-described “BBQ Snob,” who details his obsession with barbecue on his blog Full Custom Gospel BBQ. The accompanying photographs, shot by our go-to food photographer Kevin Hunter Marple, are gorgeous. I’ll post a link to the story as soon as it’s available online and I look forward to some spirited discussions on barbecue over the next few weeks. I’ve got a gift certificate to The Grape for anyone who can guess Vaughn’s top pick.

UPDATE:  Hint: I should have said in and around Dallas.


  • Dubious Brother

    Are we talking about The Best Barbecue in Dallas or did Daniel Vaughn go outside the Dallas city limits?

  • the_sneeb


  • yvonne

    Cannot imagine the fall out if Sonny Bryans isn’t # 1…. the one on Inwood.

  • Grumpy

    Baby Bak Shak if truly Dallas proper…Meshacks is not in Dallas…no?

  • Larry’s Dad

    backcountry on greenville, bet that Sonny Bryan’s does not make the list

  • Zman

    Hardeman’s Barbeque

  • MP

    Back Country

  • Keith

    Baker’s Ribs

  • Baker’s Ribs

  • Christopher

    Meshack’s Bar-B-Que Shack, his only **** experience from the Dallas-area…now if you mean Dallas-proper, I lose

  • Christopher

    @the_sneeb…damn my slow double-checking, good show, you beat me to it

  • Rudy’s

  • A. B.

    Sweet Georgia Brown

  • luniz

    damn I better get to Meshack’s this weekend before it blows up.

  • my butterfinger brisket and variations of ribs is in fact the best bbq in dallas.


    we have great things to look forward to in 2010. this weekend, pan fried brisket and brisket mcnuggets.

  • aria

    Another vote for Sonny Bryan’s on Inwood.

  • Bethany

    Smokey John’s

  • fruitdog

    big al’s smokehouse

  • elena34

    What is wrong with you people? It has to be Off the Bone on S. Lamar.

    The ribs will change your life!!!!!

  • Big Mike

    North Main BBQ in Euless

  • tom in dallas

    Smokey John’s on Mockingbird. They used to be on the corner of Lemmon and Mockingbird but were displaced by Gulf Station. The leanest brisket and best smoke flavor in Dallas. His wife Ruth has great Tamales by the way. I am always surprised when they are left off barbecue lists. Big Als, Dickey’s,Sonny Bryan, Peggy Sue, all do not compare to John’s on Mockingbird Lane. I will say that Smoke on Ft. Worth is pretty good though.

  • JD

    2nd vote for North Main

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    Off the Bone doesn’t even offer sliced brisket, which disqualifies it from consideration (on any list)

  • rob

    Randy’s BBQ – Red Oak

  • im telling you the butterfinger brisket will change your life.

  • MP

    that sounds nasty.

    The best bbq “around” Dallas is Lums in Junction, Texas.

  • youre nasty.

  • Vic

    The Grape

  • Knox Harrington

    The Rib Crib

  • El Smokeador, that brisket sounds insane. Vic, you are funny. Good stuff.

  • its is very much insane. read the post. about it here:


  • Big Al

    BBQs Galore

  • Glenn Campbell

    Omi – Korean BBQ bistro

  • Cap Guy

    Smoke, hands down…..

  • louis

    “in and around Dallas” – because you can’t bring yourself to use the “M” word?

  • bob


  • Elsmokeador

    Smoke. Ha.

  • Tom

    Peggy Sue’s is delish

  • Twinwillow

    I like Baker’s Rib’s (Greenville Avenue location only) and Smoke.
    El Smokeador, you rock!!!

  • Crazy Jeff

    So is Meshack’s not the top pick? That would have been my guess…but since no one has said it yes, Randy’s in Red Oak.

    Within Dallas proper, Mac’s on Main St would get my vote.

  • Crazy Jeff

    oops, it appears Rob did say Randy’s

  • Solomon Wang

    Mom’s BBQ in Fort Worth

  • DallasChef

    Tiilman’s Roadhouse in Ft. Worth! 2 words…post oak!

  • Elsmokeador

    Tillman ain’t BBQ chief

  • BBQ fan

    you been to Tillman’s Fort Worth Smoky? Real smoker, all post oak. Spareribs, brisket, house made sausage. Dare i say very reminiscent of Lockhart. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it.

  • RobertO

    Meshacks, hands down

  • Idunno


  • Elsmokeador

    So not tillmans roadhouse?

  • jerry

    i was wondering if anyone tried out this new restaurant in richardson, i like this place, the pizza is great, its called russo coal fire italian kitchen. i wish they where located downtown dallas

  • ethan

    Off the bone, off forest hill.

  • JB

    I’m still a big fan of Sammy’s. They lost a little bit when they tried to expand to Preston Center expand but I think the original is back to form. But the best Barbeque in general is the kind you find someone making out in their yard in Oak Cliff on any given weekend.

  • mike


  • Amy B

    @jerry russo’s coal fire italian kitchen is not good, imho. Nice way to hack the BBQ thread with a pizza insert!

    Can’t believe no one has guessed it yet. Must be someplace small. Black’s? Smitty’s? Lol..

  • Phil

    Babyback Shak…

  • AD

    hands down, BAKER’S RIBS

  • Micah

    Off the Bone BBQ in Forest Hill

  • Rebross

    Does Railhead in FW count?

  • localchef




  • tht143

    Tillmans Roadhouse Ft. Worth the bar-b-que just gets better and better…try the ribs