Speaking of Amy Severson: Bloody Mary

Just before the Christmas break, Amy gave me a small jar of her homemade vodka. I made Bloody Marys with it. Now, I make a great BM–my secret is to puree celery leaves and whole pepper corns into the tomato juice with a healthy dose of this–but Amy’s vodka rocked my tomato-juice-lovin’ world. Sorry Amy, such goodness needs to be shared. Here’s her recipe:

“The recipe is so easy: just throw horseradish root (peeled), fresh dill, clove of garlic, peppercorns (4-5), and a jalapeno (scored 5-6 times) into a jar, cover with vodka, refrigerate for 6 weeks.  Mix with V-8 or tomato juice.”

Okay Dishers, let’s meet up in 6 weeks to discusss.