Speaking of Amy Severson: Bloody Mary

Just before the Christmas break, Amy gave me a small jar of her homemade vodka. I made Bloody Marys with it. Now, I make a great BM–my secret is to puree celery leaves and whole pepper corns into the tomato juice with a healthy dose of this–but Amy’s vodka rocked my tomato-juice-lovin’ world. Sorry Amy, such goodness needs to be shared. Here’s her recipe:

“The recipe is so easy: just throw horseradish root (peeled), fresh dill, clove of garlic, peppercorns (4-5), and a jalapeno (scored 5-6 times) into a jar, cover with vodka, refrigerate for 6 weeks.  Mix with V-8 or tomato juice.”

Okay Dishers, let’s meet up in 6 weeks to discusss.


  • Peaches au gratin

    Gracious! And Gracias!

  • NC

    That sounds so easy and good. I have all those ingredients and a huge bottle of vodka i wasn’t sure what to do with besides just drink it. I even have Chervil in my garden that tastes just like celery. I bet that would be delicious.

    I’ll make some just in time to go with my homegrown veggies in spring. 😉

  • TP

    I love it when the ladies talk about their BM’s. Soooo HOT.

  • MMMMMMM, and Nancy I had a martini at Del Frisco’s with their pineapple infused vodka a week ago, loved it so much I ordered another.

    Does anyone else have some infusion suggestions? Didn’t Patrizio’s used to have a big jar of cherry infused (cognac?) on their bar?

  • Nancy Nichols

    Capital Grille has (I think) a pineapple infused vodka on the counter in their bar.

  • Katie

    Yes, they do and it’s dangerously good and tastes nothing like vodka.

    I had a little party last summer and pured a bottle of vodka over rosemary, basil, mint leaves and lemon wedges for about 24 hours and it was DIIIIVINE!!! Much more appropriate for summer, but file that one away. Made more adorable if you freeze raspberries in ice cubes.

  • Katie

    I remember Flying Burro on Greenville (across from Blue Goose)from my SMU days – anyone else? They had all kinds of infused tequilas. I think one night I ended up taking 10 tequila shots because you couldn’t taste anything but fruit. Also think I went across the street and ate two bowls of queso after that…

  • Nancy Nichols

    Amy, forgot to ask: how much vodka for the ingredients above?