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Screen Door: Mint Julep Edition


Last night, I went to an early cocktail party for KidneyTexas at the Screen Door (too bad I missed you, Nance. Not so sad I missed the rain) and practically ran to the bar to try the mint julep I’d been hearing so much about.

Let me tell you, whatever those cute bartenders are mixing up and sloshing into julep cups is NOT a mint julep. Far from it. Instead of muddling and melange-ing (not a technically a word, but I think it works) the standard ingredients for a mint julep—mint, bourbon, and sugar—those kids threw in something that tasted like nectarines and melted orange popsicles with Maker’s Mark. It didn’t even have a hint of mint. Just pure, thick, sugary sludge that shouldn’t be served in a place as adorable as the Screen Door.

The lemon drop martini, however, was a zingy winner—and it actually had a lemon flavor, courtesy of a generous splash of Limoncello.