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Tracy Martin Taylor Tackles the TV (And How to Make Them Look Chic)

By Tracy Martin Taylor |

dmoms-tips4tv-hexagon 2Pictured above: 1. Kendall Charcoal from Benjamin Moore; 2. Phillip Jeffries Manila Hemp in Ochre; 3. Bamba Rushcloth wall covering from Schumacher; 4. Sherwin Williams’ Dovetail

By Tracy Martin Taylor

It’s fall. The obvious images arise of golden leaves falling, pumpkins appearing in everything from your front porch to your latte, and of course: football. In our football town/state this is serious. Despite our female-ness, many of us girlies love Sunday football. And I must admit the only time (I can think of) that I actually really scared my adorable little one, was when she witnessed me suddenly shoot straight up off the sofa while screaming at the TV during an unfortunate play. I think it was on fourth down but I digress. So here’s my design reality: the TV is a key part of the home.

TVs are like ceiling fans to the interior designer. We hate them. We know it’s Texas and a ceiling fan is necessary but we really (pretty please) wish that a stellar chandelier could live in your master bedroom instead. BUT even as a designer, I am pro-function so I support the necessities. A TV is a requirement and since we are in Texas where bigger is better; the TVs are growing as I write this piece.

Here are some ways to make the digital monstrosity co-exist in your home without fighting with the rest of your décor:

  • Dark paint solves a lot of problems. A large TV on an accent wall with a Charcoal or even Chalkboard paint behind it magically disappears when it’s not on. My fave colors are Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal, Farrow & Ball’s Pitch Black, Jeff Lewis’ Carbon or Mud and Sherwin Williams’ Dovetail. Trust me, it’s genius.
  • Wallpaper is also a fab way to give your flatscreen a home. Anchored on top of a deep grasscloth paper like Schumacher’s Bamba Rushcloth in Ash or Phillip Jeffries Manila Hemp in Ochre give your shiny futuristic wall-hanging an earthy base.
  • Mantle vs TV = war. Sometimes the mantle is the best place for the TV to land. There are many architectural/design tricks to installing it successfully, but assuming that’s covered, it’s all about the background. Use color strategically to minimize its presence either with paint or with stone. A neutral and warm stone fireplace can balance the screen and make the focal point of the room focus worthy.

So give technology a break and embrace it. With a little bit of strategy, football Sunday will be even better.

Love your space,


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