Into The Weekend: Running, Donuts, Rabbits (Both Peter and Velveteen), And Photos

Like Liz, I don’t dig donuts yet am fully down with beignets…Glad to know I’m not alone. It’s oddly comforting.

For those of you out there that do, however, like the fried, sweet treats (and based on an informal poll I just did, there are a lot of you), tomorrow’s Hypnotic Donut Dash might be right up your alley. Before setting out on the 5K run (or, in my case, very slow walk), you’ll be required to, wait for it, eat a Hypnotic Donut. Once you reach the finish line, you have to (or get to, depending on your donut stance) eat more…

Fun, yes?

If you’re dislike both donuts and running (me), then how about heading to La Duni NorthPark for a mojito (you), some fresh squeezed lemonade (them), and a photo of the littles by Ian Cole. He’ll have his “Faces” portrait booth set up outside the restaurant from 11-9 on Saturday and Sunday ready to take some fantastic snaps (like the one above) that will set you back a whopping ten spot.

While you’re at NorthPark, feel free to walk over to babyGap at 11:00 to visit me at the Peter Rabbit/Milk + Bookies event (do you like how I slid that in?). There will be snacks, crafts, a chance to donate a children’s book to the Boys and Girls Club, and a reading of The Further Tale of Peter Rabbit by yours truly. Hope to see you there!

Continuing the rabbit thread, the sweet yet sad The Velveteen Rabbit is hitting the stage at the Winspear Opera House. Tickets are still available online and are very well priced.

Happy weekend!