everyday celebrations

{zebra via the good machinery}

While I’m reveling in the mellow of January, my littles are a bit melancholy that there are no more presents to exchange, no more massive feasts to consume.

Their post-holiday malaise prompted me to institute a little more “just because” fun around our house, starting with monthly “gift exchanges” and “parties” (which we kicked off last week to much success).

Here’s the low-down.  On the first of each month, we draw a name out of a hat (our immediate family + my folks are in the  mix) à la “sneaky santa”.  Then we have three days to procure a gift for the person whose name we’ve drawn.  Said gift must be either found, bequeathed, made, or purchased for less than five dollars, so the focus is firmly on giving something that delights the recipient rather than spending oodles of cash.  The monthly gift exchange is accompanied by a homemade cake with sprinkles and a few makeshift decorations…

Voila instant merry making.


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