Reaction to the Report: Gallerist Steve Cruz

After reading all these art self help bromides from the Creative Times, I feel about the same way as I do listening to Wayne Dyer on PBS — kind of dull and bored in half-assed submission. I would wonder if they actually came to Dallas to come up with such trite generic suggestions, except that I did go to one dinner they had, which was astonishing in its lack of inclusion. (I’m inclined to comment on racial parity when there’s an egregious lack of it.) I noticed that this is a “prize report,” which means that SMU actually paid for this? So, I guess they went to lunch with a couple art “professionals” and then spent an hour or so coming up with “sharing meals,” “take agency,” “give collectors space” is this a parody of the real report? They can’t be that stupid, or maybe they figure we are.