Hey, Here’s an Idea: How About The Dallas Cowboys Move Their Headquarters to Dallas?

On the front page of today’s Dallas Morning News, sources say the Dallas Cowboys may abandon their practice facility in Valley Ranch for greener pastures in Frisco or Arlington. Irving, the Cowboys’ home for more than 25 years, is also in the mix. But the story says nothing about Dallas. Come on, Mayor Rawlings. You want to Grow South? Get America’s Team back in Big D. Personally, I find the concept of the Cowboys neither practicing nor playing in Dallas County offensive — and that’s coming from a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan.


  • Chris

    Laura Miller, you listening? Oh. Wait…

    • Joe

      How many of my tax dollars did Jerry expect us to give him to build that thing in Dallas again? And how much government condemnation authority would he have demanded to take Dallas residents’ homes against their will so he could build Jerry World?

      My guess is that Arlington will regret overpaying. But the only way to avoid overpaying is to be willing to walk away. Dallas did just that. Arlington would have paid anything. In 10 years, I’d guess that Jerry will wish he had taken less money to do it in Dallas. Arlington is a shitty host for events, and once a couple new stadiums go up to compete (several are in the works), I doubt we see many more Super Bowls, etc.

    • Bear Alert

      Local Republican party politics, not Laura Miller, was the reason the stay-jum was not built in Dallas. Specifically, the Sessions-Frost campaign was at stake because of a potentially strong turn out in Southern Dallas. You would know that if you had listened to Wilonsky’s fine radio program on The Ticket.

  • D. Shapiro

    Dallas has golf.

  • David Hopkins

    Geez, if only Dallas had a sports commission to handle this situation… http://www.dmagazine.com/Home/D_Magazine/2013/January/Why_Dallas_Needs_a_Sports_Commission.aspx

    Mayor Rawlings, whatever you do, do NOT pat Jerry Jones on the knee. He hates that apparently.

  • Chris

    Arlington paid $325M. THATS IT. And got a 1.2 BILLION dollar stadium. How would this have been a bad deal for Dallas in Fair park? Imagine what the Super Bowl(s) would be like in Fair Park? HUGE MISTAKE BY DALLAS.

  • Brandon

    It has been repeatedly proven that the return on public subsidies of sports stadiums does not justify the opportunity cost of capital. Much less a practice facility… Jerry will gravitate towards whichever city bends over and spreads it the widest….

  • Joe

    1: Arlington didn’t get a stadium. Jerry owns it. Arlington paid hundreds of millions of dollars to be responsible for providing additional city services to the stadium, while Jerry gets every dollar of the gate. Sure, there are some additional revenues coming into the city, but every study I have ever seen (that wasn’t paid for by major league sports) shows that tax revenue is never as much as the city pays to attract a team.

    2: Jerry didn’t want to put it “in Fair park”, he would have replaced fair park with a stadium. Look at the footprint of the damn thing in Arlington. There wouldn’t have been much if any of Fair park left if that thing went into it.

    3: It would have cost more to put it into Dallas, and Jerry would have expected the City to cover the extra costs out of its (not his) pocket.

    Look, I think it would have been great to have the Cowboys in Dallas. I just don’t think the city could afford to meet Jerry’s demands. Which means that Jerry, not the City, is responsible for that stadium being in the slums between Dallas and Fort Worth.

  • Divas Dudes

    Dallas Cowboy Shuffle….I like the sound of that.