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Why Social Media Matters in the Age of Social Commerce

TruePoint Communications lays out how to enrich your customer experience by building an active social media presence.
By TruePoint Communications |
TruePoint Communications

Americans spend more than 1.5 hours daily on social media. The increased level of consumption across demographics has naturally landed social media in the eCommerce space. Social commerce, a subset of eCommerce where engagement supports online purchasing, allows customers to shop from the social networks they enjoy. Creating a seamless conversion process in your brand’s social feed is just one of several trends helping connect the dots between social commerce and customer experience.

TruePoint helps brands build an active social media presence, achieving:


Personalized responses to social media users are a touch point that can build trust and customer loyalty.

Unique Customer Service

Social media plays an integral role in engaging with the customer experience. Resolving a reputational issue in real-time, as the customer is experiencing it, shows they are a priority.


Exceptional service = trust = positive reputation. Trust is the currency of business. When customers see you living your brand’s core values in the social environment and meeting them where they are it creates loyalty.

These concepts aren’t limited to consumer brands. These are principles that every business should apply. Some of the most engaging content for B2B companies are highlights of their people, milestones, and celebrations. Add to that content: brief, compelling articles that answer the questions you get most. Engage B2B customers with truly helpful information and they will see your company as a thought leader they can trust. Connect with TruePoint to help propel your brand on social media.

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