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Your Perfect Dallas Hair Planner For Every Month

Read our guide to having a good hair day everyday, no matter what the forecast predicts.
Anita Moti

From humidity to thundersleet, Dallas has a variety of hair enemies coming for your glam squad’s blowout. Follow this guidance, and your Dallas hair forecast will be sunny with a 100 percent chance of great hair days.


New Year, New You! JK, do the same hair as always. Nobody wants to see you mess up again. Your real friends will never forget the baby bangs of 1995.


Cupid’s on the way! Get the glam squad* ready. *Glam Squad (n.) 1) a group of professional hair stylists and makeup artists who complete every step of hair maintenance and floofing for you; 2) a middle-aged woman, a glass of wine, and her two or more cats. She simply removes her glasses while doing her hair and makeup, so everything has that DIY soft-focus filter on it.)


Dye your hair red. Or green. Just not both. That’s for December.


Walk around downtown Dallas in April, and every time you turn a corner, you will be sucker-punched by gale-force winds. The only defense is to rock a high pony. Is your hair too short to pull back? It’s best to spend this month indoors.


Rain lives here now. It will storm suddenly and with abandon, like a teenager remembering why they hate an ex-boyfriend. So, whatever you do to your ’do, mentally prepare for it to be shattered by a random downpour.


You’re sweaty. So sweaty. Keep your hair off your bare shoulders, or you’ll be doing that bottom-layer-stuck-to-your-back thing that inspires mouth barf.


Live in a pool and dunk yourself any time your hair thinks about drying. If it’s wet, the humidity can’t get you. It’s like a raptor when those Jurassic Park kids stand completely still.


Whatever you want because you moved out of this humidity hellhole for a better hair life in Colorado.


Don’t let September trick you into thinking it’s fall. It’s still Fake Fall. For recommendations, see August.


It’s time to embrace the grey. You can go as a witch and laugh in the face of all the people who still color their stupid hairs.


It’s Thanksgivingtimes! Comb your hair over your face, and you can hide from your relatives, just like Cousin It. Dyson Hair Wrap is an excellent tool for volume here.


Holiday hair! Get an updo! Or let it air dry, throw some glitter in that mustache you forgot to wax off, and get drunk on hairspray fumes before you play the traditional It’s A Wonderful Life drinking game: drink every time Donna Reed’s hair looks badass.


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