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D Magazine May 2003

City Life: A Hot Greek and Other Ways Around Traffic

TV personalities such as Channel 8’s Alexa Conomos are like weathergirls for traffic. But a local man has invented an intelligent traffic light that might save us hours of commute time—and could put Alexa out of a job.

By Phil Harvey


This month’s award-winning writers and photographers.
By D Magazine

Dallas Look

Maternity wear has come a long way, baby.
By Kristie Ramirez

Dallas Shops

Pick up an out-of-the-ordinary gift for Mom at these eclectic shops.
By Kristie Ramirez

Dating: So Many Men, So Little Time

High-speed dating promises busy singles a faster path to romance by providing up to 35 “dates” in one night. You might meet the man of your dreams, but you may not remember his name.
By Jennifer Chininis
Cover Story

Death on the Half Shell

Two people died less than four months apart after eating raw Gulf Coast oysters at a local seafood chain. Whether these two deaths were the result of negligence or simply an unfortunate coincidence, the courts will decide. But o
By D Magazine


Readers talk back about real Dallas celebrities.
By D Magazine

First Person: Swim at Your Own Risk

Most men dare not to tread into White Rock Lake. Besides the alligators, there’s the trash to contend with. I am not most men.
By Tim Rogers

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Grab the girls and get some sun in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.
By Jennifer Chininis

Publisher’s Note

The City That Doesn’t Work, Part II.
By Wick Allison


The most prolific composer in the world; Knox Street Village vs. the Village People; a bunch of hot blondes; Q&A with Leisa Hart; smoking, drinking, and cussing; an aerial view of naked women spelling “peace”; The List and more.
By D Magazine

Space: The Truth About Plano

Inspired by everybody’s favorite on-camera room redo, Trading Spaces, our city girl ventures north to the oftmaligned suburb and—critics be damned—sees a world of possibility and pleasure.
By Virginia Postrel

The Last Picture Show

Kim Dawson’s name is synonymous with Dallas fashion. Her modeling agency has turned out some of the industry’s biggest stars—Angie Harmon, Janine Turner, and Bridget Hall among them. In a fond farewell at the A.W.A.R.E. luncheon, during what is likely to
By D Magazine

The Two Faces of Laura Miller

Why do so many Dallas residents view Laura Miller with a mixture of admiration and mistrust? Because there are two Laura Millers. One is a straight talker who doesn’t tolerate incompetence and has tackled most of her campaign goals. The other is a moraliz
By Jim Fowler

What Dallas Cops Really Think

Here’s the survey that Chief Terrell Bolton tried to stop. It’s now clear why. His troops are suffering from low morale, and they don’t have confidence in their leader—all this while crime rates continue to climb.