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D Magazine November 2001


Captain Carpool

Dallas parents and teens may have only one thing in common: when they’re in the car in the mornings, Kidd Kraddick is on the radio. This local deejay rules the morning airwaves and turned 106.1 KISS FM into the number one station for listeners of all ages
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From the Publisher

Terrorism isn’t unique to the Middle East. Some nice people in Dallas have been seduced by it.
Cover Story

Plus : Five hidden neighborhoods you’ll wish you discovered.

The Best Hidden Neighborhoods Psst. Discover these secluded gems before the rest of the city finds out.
By Todd Johnson

Politics: Mud Fight

Now that Ron Kirk has set his sights on the Senate, the only thing we
know for sure is that the next mayor of Dallas will be a middle-aged,
wealthy, white person. Tom Dunning and Mary Poss have stated their
intentions. And if Laura Miller joins in, it wil
By Glenna Whitley

Pulse of the City

Dr. Phil McGraw won’t call us back, Miss Texas Kasi Kelly, local artist Pam Nelson, DMN society scorecard, successful Dallas web sites (yes, there are some), and more.
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Spaces: Beyond “Machines for Shopping”

Can design give a mall all the comforts of home?
By Virginia Postrel
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The Best Places to Live

Choosing a neighborhood involves more than just real estate prices; you want to pick the right way to live. But everyone has different priorities. D Magazine divided Dallas into eight categories, and whether you seek good
By D Magazine
Best Lists

The Best Public High Schools in Dallas-Ft. Worth

The word is out: a challenging curriculum is the best way to prepare for college. And we believe what’s best for students determines which high schools are best. We spoke to admissions officers and educators, and they agree that AP is the curriculum of ch
By D Magazine

The Wildcatter of Wine

Henry Stuart is the epitome of the Dallas entrepreneur. He founded
Addison Airport. He turned DFW into an international hub. So it’s no
surprise that when he took his business savvy to a sleepy little town
in France, he turned it into an award-winning win
By D Magazine


Relax at Cibolo Creek Ranch, a slice of heaven in West Texas.

By Brandon Weaver