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Face of Transportation and Logistics

Frank McGuigan, Uber Freight.
|Photography by Matthew Shelley

Logistics is the backbone of the economy. It’s an always-on ecosystem that inevitably touches nearly every aspect of our lives, from shelves being stocked to online orders arriving days after purchase. This network of moving trucks, trailers, and trains may seem like magic to most of us, but there’s a complex orchestra working 24/7 to keep goods moving, and it’s one that Frank McGuigan, former CEO of Dallas-based Transplace and current member of Uber Freight’s board of directors, has built a career around advancing. 

A graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and retired Lieutenant from the United States Naval Reserve, McGuigan joined a rapidly evolving logistics industry in 1992, where he quickly emerged as a visionary leader that would usher in a new era of transportation management. For more than a decade, McGuigan helped lead and scale Transplace into one of North America’s largest providers of logistics technology and services, drastically improving how goods move for shippers (the companies that make the goods) and carriers (that move the shipments). 

In 2021, McGuigan led the sale of Transplace to Uber Freight for $2.25 billion, creating one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive logistics networks and platforms. And as a firm believer in the power of technology to transform how goods move, McGuigan prioritized bringing innovative solutions to shippers and carriers of all sizes.

“A changing world has revealed vulnerability across our industry. The systems we relied on for years to move goods are showing their age, and the logistics industry many of us know was built for a world that we no longer live in,” McGuigan says. “But at Uber Freight, we believe there’s never been a better opportunity to reimagine how goods move. New technologies, such as what we helped create at Transplace and continue to lead the market in at Uber Freight, mean that all corners of the supply chain operate with more efficiency, transparency, and visibility, not to mention with sustainability top of mind. That’s how we unlock the reliability and resiliency that today’s supply chains demand.”


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