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Face of Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Drivers of corporate diversity and equity.
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Left to Right: Heather Pesikoff, J.D.; Colleen Affeldt; Joanna Jadlow, MPA, CPA, CFP®, CDFA™; Mary Liz Guidry, MBA, CFA; Krista Hinton, MSA, CPA, CFP®; Jessica Boghetich, CFP®, CTFA; Dana Pingenot, CFP®, CLU®, CAP®; Laura Maxfield, CFP® Matthew Shelley

Diversity in organizations has been shown to drive innovation, increase productivity, and improve outcomes for all.

The core values at RGT Wealth Advisors guide every action advisors take as individuals and as a firm. They value providing support and encouragement for women both inside and outside of RGT. Diversity alone is not enough. A supportive and inclusive culture is what can catapult a business and lead to optimal outcomes for all stakeholders. 

RGT was founded more than 35 years ago and knew from inception that strong women needed to be part of the firm. The financial industry is amongst many that have historically been dominated by men, but there is beginning to be a shift in the numbers. RGT knows that women continuing to thrive is an important part of the future. RGT is proud to spotlight the women who have helped lead the firm to where it is today and where their leaders hope to take it. RGT Wealth Advisors maintains an intense focus on optimizing talented people to maximize the potential of all and to be part of a growing and strengthening financial sector.

RGT celebrates the women in the firm who consistently demonstrate the highest and best of what is possible as they seek to help guide the firm and its clients toward their collective best futures. 

Everyone at RGT is proud to serve alongside each one of them.

RGT Wealth Advisors
5950 Sherry Lane, Suite 600, Dallas, Texas 75225

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