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Face of Smart Home Security

Products that enhance customers’ experience and provide peace of mind.
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William E. Niles, Brinks Home Jason Kindig

2021 saw a surge of people wanting to blend home automation with their security. As one of the leading providers of smart home security in the U.S., Dallas-based Brinks Home™ was ready to meet them with customized smart security offerings, a new brand, and the latest technology to deliver a seamless customer experience. 

“We know from the data that our customers want smart, secure homes, so we are constantly looking at ways to improve not only the customer experience, but also deliver products that genuinely enhance our customers’ lives,” says William Niles, chief executive officer of Brinks Home. “We are in the business of providing our customers with peace of mind, which includes knowing that your home automation and security work together to keep your home safe and give you control of the system from anywhere through our mobile app.”  

 Brinks Home also continues internal work on a full-scale transformation which includes new partners to leverage artificial intelligence for an improved customer experience, revamping legacy systems, and a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives designed to improve employee engagement and loyalty.

“Change doesn’t happen overnight, but when you have a smart, data-driven employee base that is genuinely committed to an ideal of ‘service’ and is focused on protecting over a million people and their homes, change is inevitable.” Niles says. “I often say that a transformation requires three things–culture (people), technology, and data. When you pair them with a world class brand name like Brinks Home, you have a recipe for long-term success.” 

Updates include using advanced predictive analytics and AI, along with enhancements to chat and texting capabilities to improve customer service and enable customers to interact digitally instead of by phone call. The Brinks Home mobile app and brinkshome.com home page also received updates.

“The customer and their experience are at the forefront of every decision we make–how can we make it easier to engage with us, quicker to find a solution, simpler to add more smart home devices to your home?,” Niles says. “We are always looking at how we can be better for our customers and our employees…as we say, we strive to get a little bit better every day.” 

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