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Blaine L. Nelson Matthew Shelley

People are not your most important asset—the right people are. Blaine Nelson at BLNelson Group LLC, Staffing, Search & Benefits Consultants focuses on finding the right people for his clients. Nelson uses the phrase “transformational talent” to describe his candidates because he strives to find people who will make a significant difference in the performance of his clients’ organizations. Nelson says, “By design, our candidates are also able to take advantage of their new opportunity to enhance their own lives not only professionally, but personally, financially, and even to up their game in their community.

So, how does BLNelson Group find the right people? First, Nelson had a very successful career in professional services before starting BLNelson Group. He came to executive search from a career that required him to hire, nurture, coach, lead, mentor, teach, and develop exceptional talent. And, sometimes, he even had to encourage a few to find a better fit for themselves somewhere else. BLNelson Group is comprised of highly experienced search professionals. “We have lived and succeeded at what our clients’ now need in talent,” Nelson says. Nelson is one of the few, if any, professional search consultants who has ever actually hired people. In fact, he estimates that throughout his long career in public accounting, he may have hired or personally been part of the team who recruited and hired over 1,000 people.

Data shows that the right people are as much as four times more productive than average performers. Doing more with less has become a standard business mantra. Finding the right people is science, educational marketing, and articulating a vision of possibilities. It often includes introducing a new or different career path. Nelson has the experience in coaching and mentoring professional talent to help candidates evaluate and compare career paths. He also helps his clients understand how they may need to modify the position to attract the best talent. If you are looking for transformational talent and the right people to fill critical positions, BLNelson Group is your solution. For most companies, talent—especially executive talent—is their only sustainable differentiator. BLNelson Group will help your company differentiate itself in the marketplace with better talent.

BLNelson Group LLC
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14160 Dallas Parkway, Suite 605, Dallas, Texas 75254

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