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SMU Students Tell Us About Their Spring Break Plans

We stopped by the campus to chat about beach bod preparation and post-midterm getaways.

In an effort to live vicariously through the young and carefree, we stopped by SMU to chat with college students about their spring break plans and bathing suit prep. But as we found, for as many students as there were getting ready for sunny getaways, there were plenty preparing to head home for family time and home-cooked meals. Here is what all 10 participants had planned (or not planned):

Tommy Oakley, freshman: I’m going to San Diego with my family. We’re renting a houseboat and we’re going to fish and swim. I’m really looking forward to getting off the grind and preparing myself for the rest of the semester when I get back.

Cole Wilbourne, freshman: I’m going home to Las Vegas and the plan is to get my wisdom teeth out on Monday.

D Magazine: The plan? So you don’t have a surgery date yet?

Cole: The surgery date’s all set, but I’m still coming to terms with it.

D Magazine: What do you plan to do while you recover?

Cole: I plan on drinking a lot of smoothies and sleeping. I’ve never gotten my wisdom teeth out, so I don’t know what to expect.

Tommy: I got dry sockets and I bled so much that I had to go to the emergency room. It was so awful.

Cole: That’s great to know, man. Thanks for that.

Betsy Grantham, freshman: I’m going to Cancun with a group of my friends. So, this weekend I’m going to Nordstrom to get some little two pieces, and I’m getting a spray tan at Tan Dallas. I have a person who does my tans once a month.

Juliana Rosato, freshman: I’m going back home to New York. I’m excited to see my family and friends, and looking forward to the shopping in the city. I’m doing all the prep stuff at home instead of here in Dallas so I can be as tan as the rest of them when I get back. For spring break in high school I went to Atlantis and Punta Cana and it was so much fun.

Noah Biela, freshman: I’m not exactly sure. I know I’m going home and there’s a few different things my family has talked about doing. We might go to Chicago. We might visit my grandparents in Rockport. We might stay home and do nothing. We might road trip to San Francisco or something like that? They haven’t exactly told me what we’re doing, but I don’t plan on getting beach bod ready. I come as is.

D Magazine: What’re you looking forward to the most?

Noah: I’m really looking forward to seeing my dog, Macy. She’s a Goldendoodle and she’s dumb as a box of rocks but I love her.

Noah Biela

Nicole Aufricht, sophomore: For the first half, I’m going home and I might go to Tahoe because I live in California. The second half I’m going to visit some of my friends in Miami. I might go get a bathing suit at Snider Plaza or NorthPark. I’m excited to relax, but I’m mostly looking forward to home-cooked meals.

Katelyn Aoyama, sophomore: I’m going home to California for the first part, like Nicole is. We actually grew up really close to each other. Then my mom and I are going to Maui for the week.

D Magazine: Spring break prep?

Katelyn: I’m trying to eat healthy and work out—cutting out processed foods and eating a bit leaner. I’m also trying not to snack as much, but I feel like I would do so much better if I had an apartment and could cook for myself. Trying to eat cleaner is definitely hard, but Dallas has so many healthy places to eat, so it’s not so bad.

Anonymous gal, junior: Well, the plan was to go to Tulum, Mexico but everything is kind of up in the air now. I’m not sure what the deal is this year, but everyone is last minute planning and I’m really trying to go with the flow.

Thomas Mitchell, grad student: My wife and I are going to San Francisco. We’re going to drive north up the coast then back down. My work and school schedule allow me to have this break. A lot of people close to 30 don’t have that luxury, so I try and take advantage of it.

Anonymous dude, “because it adds more mystery,” freshman: Some of my friends and I are road-tripping from here to Panama City, Florida and then we’re staying at my friend’s condo. I’m really just looking forward to relaxing and—I won’t say “soak up the sun”—but, soak up the sun.

D Magazine: Spring break prep?

Anonymous: I’ve actually been fasting for a week now. It’s not necessarily for spring break, but the timing works out, I guess. I have headaches every once in a while, but I feel pretty great for the most part. It’s weird cause I’ve never not eaten meat, but I have respect for the vegetarian and vegan people of the world now.

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