The Smashing Pumpkins, back when Billy Corgan had hair and D'Arcy Wretzky was in the band. The group's at American Airlines Center on Wednesday.

Things to Do

Things To Do in Dallas This Week: July 16-19

It's a million degrees outside (rough estimate), but the Smashing Pumpkins are in town. Sort of a bad news-good news dichotomy.

We’re looking ahead to at least a week of triple-digit temperatures, so brace yourself and breathe in deep some of that hot hazy Saharan dust. Sometimes doing things requires a superhuman effort. The Smashing Pumpkins are at the American Airlines Center, some of the best writers in town are in the July issue of D Magazine and at Wild Detectives, and I am here, overheated and wheezing in Dallas, Texas, telling you about the best things to do this week.

Monday (7/16)

The Funky Knuckles has long been one of Dallas’ best and most reliable soul and jazz outfits. Lucky us that, in between gigs supporting acts like Talib Kweli and Puff Daddy, the group’s made it a point to hold down a weekly residency in town, most recently and currently at Three Links. If you haven’t, tonight’s as good a night as any to go see the group in action. If you have, well, the Funky Knuckles thrive on improvisation, so you’re still going to see something new.

Mike Randall’s got a big beard, an acoustic guitar, and a broken heart, meeting all the prerequisites to perform sad honky tonk songs at The Rustic on a Monday night.

Tuesday (7/17)

Some local bike advocacy groups, including Bike Friendly South Dallas, will lead a group bike ride down by the Trinity levee near the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge. The trails over there make for a great ride, with lovely sights of the river and the skyline. It’s also where the city wants to build a giant park named for a dastardly billionaire, so you can ponder that as you ride.

It’s open mic night at Cultivar Coffee in Oak Cliff. Show everybody what you’ve got.

Wednesday (7/18)

The original Smashing Pumpkins lineup, minus D’arcy Wretzky, will play American Airlines Center. It’s an incomplete reunion, but probably the best fans are likely to get. And the setlists for this tour have been pretty incredible, so if you like the band, it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed.

The Granada Theater kicks off a week of free concerts with Henry + the Invisibles, Spoonfed Tribe, and more.

Thursday (7/19)

Dallas is full of great writers, and D Magazine convinced a bunch of them to write short—really short, like, microfiction short—stories for its July issue. If you’re into the whole brevity thing, and appreciate a good yarn, this is for you. Most of the authors featured in that package, including Ben Fountain and Merritt Tierce, as well as the editor who wrangled them together, will be at The Wild Detectives for “reading and revelry,” and you should join them. It’s free.

The second-best bookish event in town is at the DMA, where authors Sheila Heti and Sigrid Nunez will appear as part of the Arts & Letters Live series.