A look from Dallas Contemporary's exhibiting artist Mary Katrantzou from her Spring-Summer 2018 line. The designer's show opens this weekend, but a Thursday talk is free and open to the public. courtesy Dallas Contemporary

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Things To Do In Dallas This Week: Jan. 8 – 11

New adventures for 2018 in fashion, illustration, poetry and performance art. Plus: jazz lives.

Monday, Jan. 8

Outward Bound at RBC includes an appearance by Polecat, the occasional performance art persona of Hannah Weir.  She’s in the cast of a forthcoming film called Jules of Light And Dark which earned a coveted spot in the Independent Filmmaker Project’s Narrative Lab this past spring. The director, Daniel Laabs, is from Dallas. Miranda July and Michael Moore are among the filmmakers who’ve been helped by IFP’s money and mentorship resources. Weir’s performance as the tortured title character in Shadow Woman this fall is reason enough to see what she does when she’s totally free.  With Locations, Trapcello, and Sandy Ewen.

Tuesday, Jan. 9

It’s a new year, with chances for artists to reanimate work or share it for the first time. One such opportunity: a poetry open mic at Deep Vellum. Comers should bring three of their own poems and one by another writer.

Wednesday, Jan. 10

Multi-talented artists within Dallas music circles continue to make their presence known in the bright and shiny, nu-pop-art spot where illustration and sports culture meet. Most recently, DJ Sober’s work was featured in a book anticipating the release of Nike Air Max 97/1.  Jeremy Biggers’ illo gave some levity to  a Bleacher Report piece on Colin Kaepernick this fall.  The Dallas Society of Visual Communications hosts Biggers for a talk about his work for such clients as the Dallas Cowboys and McDonalds, in what will surely be an accessible and inspiring talk for graphic-design-leaning creatives.

At Dan’s Silverleaf, free-jazz improv wonder Octopod celebrates its album release by playing Monoliths and Sepulchers start to finish.

Thursday, Jan. 11

Climb down into the weekend bunker early at Midnight Rambler for its Thursday night vinyl series. This week, the ever-prescient DJ Clumsy & Shy (Marjorie Owens) holds court. The Pour Le Corps Records co-founder helped many of the dreamiest sounds made in this area find listeners; it’s a gift that she used to keep a blog. You can still read it. A trip down that rabbit hole won’t spoil anything for tonight as she’ll entertain with a deeper groove for Rambler’s purposes.

Worthy discoveries, cont.: in Denton at J&Js there’s a chance to see Hey Cowboy, the first band in North Texas to release an album in 2018. Imagine The Breeders playing a party scene in a Rohmer film. The trio is that alluring, and you won’t believe they’ve been a band for less than a year.

Before her show Mary, Queen of Prints opens at the Dallas Contemporary, London-based fashion designer Mary Katrantzou brings the whimsical sense of humor that produced her Snow White homage of a boutique line, the mathy color-mind that begat these striking ballet costumes, and the excitement of her ready-to-wear work to a discussion that’s free and open to the public.