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Jack Gosnell

Jack Gosnell


Jack Gosnell is executive vice president and partner at CBRE | UCR, a company formed through CBRE's early 2015 acquisition of United Commercial Realty. Gosnell's arrival at UCR in 2004 prompted the launch of UCR Urban, a division formed to pursue urban redevelopment of mixed-use projects in the urban core. He began his real estate career in 1972, handling specialty leasing and commercial sales with Henry S. Miller Jr. Gosnell launched his own company in 1978 and, during the 1980s and 1990s brokered more than 200 building sales and 300 leases, most in Uptown and downtown Dallas. He continues to be actively involved in downtown redevelopment efforts, including the Dallas Farmers Market.

Stories by Jack Gosnell

Downtown Dallas

Jack Gosnell: Living in the Gaps between Perception and Reality

When I am able to convince people that I meet or know to venture downtown with me, the result is stunning. These folks become almost evangelical about the energy and excitement of what they witness. On the other hand, those who have not been downtown for a decade, knowingly or not, are caught in the cultural bias, without even being aware of it.
Downtown Dallas

Jack Gosnell: The Urgency for Urban Retail

We don’t have time for standard practices if we want to capture young future urban dwellers. We know what has succeeded in other markets, and what has failed. It’s time for us to aggressively pursue the simultaneous implementation of the common initiatives used by a handful of successful cities and deliver downtown retail spaces to the street wherever possible.
Downtown Dallas

Jack Gosnell: What’s the Future of Downtown Dallas?

Squandered development opportunities and planning decisions over decades have put Dallas in jeopardy of becoming just another city. Today, hundreds of dedicated individuals are grappling with the problems caused by these decisions in a huge collective effort to reverse that damage.
Downtown Dallas

Jack Gosnell: Boneheaded Moves at Belo Park

You know when the City of Dallas and virtually hundreds of volunteers and professionals give a great deal of time and money to the revitalization of our downtown, it makes you crazy to see an impasse that results in a tragic and irreversible bad planning decision. I’m talking about the 12-foot-tall impermeable wall at the east end of Belo Park.

Jack Gosnell: The New American Dream

Retail opportunities are out there, but don't expect the same old thing. This time around, development decisions will be based on factors other than an infinite supply of cheap land.