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The Silent Killer

The 14th Annual HeartBeats Gala will be held at Gilley's Dallas.
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The Silent Killer

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Every year, thousands of young hearts are struck in an instant.  It happens on live television during Monday Night Football, in classrooms, during practice, and at home.

SCA is the number one cause of death among student athletes and on school campuses. Nearly 2,000 young people under the age of 25 lose their life to SCA annually, leaving families forever changed. So, what can be done?  We’re glad you asked.

Living for Zachary is on a mission to save young lives through a multi-faceted approach to SCA prevention and response.  Together, we’re working to change the statistics from 2,000 lives lost to 0, giving more hearts a second chance.

Annual physicals may not detect a heart abnormality in a young person who appears healthy but is at increased risk for SCA.  Our Youth Heart Screening Program is designed specifically to look at each heart from multiple angles to detect issues that may lead to SCA in the future. 

Our AED Donation Program places hundreds of Automated External Defibrillators across the state of Texas each year, where they can be used to restart a heart and increase chances of survival drastically. 

Millions of hearts around us are waiting to be reached – and you can make a difference for them. Join us on February 17, 2024 at Gilley’s Dallas for our 14th Annual HeartBeats Gala, including auctions, live music, dinner, and more while raising funds to save young lives.

To learn more about Living for Zachary and join the mission, visit