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Real Estate Investment in Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas REALTOR® shares her personal experience in navigating the market’s ups and downs.

A licensed real estate agent for 13 years, Julia Kanaan’s investment journey began in 2021 when the Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market reached a boiling point and properties were flying off the market at unheard of prices—up to $30,000 to $50,000 over the listing price.  

Investing in real estate wasn’t on Kanaan’s agenda at the time, but she found herself with no other option but to enter this rollercoaster of a market. Although risky, it was a profitable decision.  

“Unfortunately, I could not qualify for a standard FHA loan, and I didn’t want to buy a house outright—but had no other option,” Kanaan recalls. “My initial capital was almost $450,000, so I purchased a half-duplex in Frisco for $320,000 and set the rest of the funds aside.” 

In the following weeks after this purchase, Kanaan saw another house for sale in the same neighborhood with an asking price of $390,000. She contacted the listing agent, Brandon Bates, who introduced her to Renovo Finance, the company that helped her finance this second purchase with a cash money loan. “At a closing price of $430,000, I was lucky to get it at that time,” she says. 


Kanaan quickly leased that house and began her search for yet another investment property. She was able to refinance her half-duplex and take out another loan to purchase a third property, which she also rented with a good rate of return. Because Kanaan was an active real estate agent, good deals came her way fairly often, and her buyer’s agent commission helped acquire them at a discount. 

“A steady economy and unnatural property appreciation really increased my equity and allowed me to continue my house acquisition process,” she says. “Even so, I wouldn’t recommend using hard cash money loans for long-term investments. Just three years ago, the commercial loan rates I got at 4.5% to 6% were higher than FHA loans, and even with high origination fees fees and early prepayment penalties, they still seemed like a good deal.”  

After Kanaan experienced success with her first few rental properties, she gradually expanded her investments into home renovation, which requires the expertise of a reliable team of contractors and industry experts. “Some properties that I came across had the potential to earn a 100% return, but at that time, I didn’t have a team of loyal, trustworthy contractors, so I had to pass on some great opportunities,” she says. “Renovating houses has great potential if you are knowledgeable about construction and know the market. This combination offers opportunities that can yield high dividends in a short period of time.” 

Kanaan readily admits that investing in real estate isn’t right for everyone; it requires continual monitoring of properties that come on the market in particular neighborhoods. Real estate can be a lucrative investment tool, but it is also risky–just like any other investment. Success is also often market dependent. “We are currently experiencing turbulent times with interest rates, which has postponed some of my investments. This is why I am capitalizing on some of my properties, extracting capital and closing the loans,” she says.  


Because of Kanaan’s keen and watchful eye and her market experience, she has been able to substantially expand her capital upgrading, reselling at a higher margin and purchasing larger, better units. A perfect example is that first half-duplex she purchased in 2021. “I purchased it for $320,000 in and put in about $15,000 in upgrades,” she says. “I received a $480,000 offer in the first week of listing it on MLS in February 2022. That is a $150,000 gain in less than one year.” 

Because Kanaan has traveled the bumpy road of real estate investing on her own, learning through trial and error, she now believes she is equipped with the knowledge and experience it takes to be successful. She has teamed up with her go-to escrow agent, Sara Burnett, at Chicago Title in Frisco to help her clients achieve similar success. 

“I am more than a real estate agent; I now know all the nuances about real estate investment to negotiate the best deals for my clients,” she says. “I fight for every property for my clients like it will become my own, and I will gladly work with other investors to find the best opportunities for them. I am now equipped with helpful knowledge based on my own personal experiences to deliver the best service possible.” 

Julia Kanaan is a Texas-licensed agent with Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate. She has extensive knowledge in marketing and selling residential properties throughout Dallas-Fort Worth with a high customer satisfaction record. She is proficient in market research, contract writing, negotiating, and MLS database management. Contact Kanaan at 469.245.9123 or [email protected] to help you with your next real estate transaction. Browse her listings and learn more at 

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