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Buy Instagram Followers In 2023: Sites for Real & Instant IG Followers

To grow instantly, you can buy Instagram followers from the top recommended sites we’ve enlisted.
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Want to grow your business or brand the intelligent way? If that sounds like something you’re interested in trying, you must learn about these great sites designed to buy Instagram followers.

Organically growing your following can take a long time, so you can speed up the process by purchasing Instagram followers.

These websites have all the resources you want and need to help your profile become more visible. If you have a great product or invention that people have to know about, these sites can get it out there for you.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers:

Let’s dive into these sites and help turn your profile around fast.

  1. Stormlikes – Overall Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers Instantly
  2. – Popular Site to Get More Instagram Followers
  3. Social Zinger – For Cheap & Instant IG Followers
  4. InstaMama Best Instagram Services for Gaining  Followers
  5. – Recommended Website to Buy Instagram Followers, Likes & Views
  6. Social-viral  – Instant Delivery of Followers Over Instagram

#1. Stormlikes – Overall Best Place to Buy Instagram Followers Instantly

Stormlikes is a third-party service offering views, likes, follows, and interactions to the Instagram profiles of those using it.

They say they only work with real everyday people. So, all the engagement and followers offered come from real Instagram profiles.

They work with the community of users on their site to provide engagement with one another. It’s a tried-and-true model that genuinely works. It also doesn’t violate Instagram’s terms of service.

The main concern is that some of the followers/engagement needs to be legit. However, you don’t have to worry about that- Stormlikes is number one on our list for a reason.

Setup for Stormlikes is easy. First, head to the official site and hit the “Get Started” button. Next, select your billing method and your chosen package for followers. Then, input the Instagram username, and choose “continue.”

Next, the Stormlikes team will detect your profile. Enter the info needed to make an account. You will then pay for your order using PayPal or a credit card. It will take only minutes for the entire process to go off.


There is much to look forward to when you use Stormlikes service. You will enjoy varied features that are sure to interest you. Reading about these features is essential to get the most out of using your service. Check out the ones we found most helpful below:

Purchasing Followers, Views, Likes: You already learned about this, but let’s reiterate. You’ll visit the site, make an account, and purchase the package you want.

All three of these aspects are crucial for growing your following. And since they come from real accounts, all the better.

Country Targeting: It’s an excellent feature for everybody. Every influencer has their primary audience. If your people are from a specific nation or group of countries, Stormlikes can provide you with the engagement and followers you want.

An approach like this will indeed create good results. So, engagement will stay in a single place and not be randomly positioned worldwide.

Gender Targets: Beyond which nations, you can also choose the gender you would prefer engagement from as you set up the account. Ladies essentially purchase cosmetics; if you’re promoting that stuff, you’d want more women as your followers.

Auto Post Detection: When you’ve uploaded a new photo or video on your page, Stormlikes detects that and sends out a signal for engagement. It will continue until you’ve used up all your views and likes.

Customer Care: The customer care team behind Stormlikes is pretty fast, getting back to you in about a day. Their online contact form is the only way to get in touch with them. Their FAQ page is decent and will do an excellent job answering some questions.


  • Safe, legitimate site
  • No Instagram password required
  • Plenty of packages to choose from


  • They lack a free trial period

=> Click here to view the official website of Stormlikes. is a premier engagement tool for people that wish to grow their following on the popular social media site Instagram.

After all, Instagram likes are a great way to show your clout and popularity. It helps you become more famous, more sought and helps you earn more money.

Imagine, if you will: an Instagrammer with 50 likes on a picture or 250,000 likes on a picture. Which one will you be more apt to click on when you scroll?

You’ll quickly grab more followers when your like count goes up. It appears as desirable, engaging content and gets you more clicks. New users viewing your page for the first time will be excited about your content. Having more followers means more conversion, lead building, and brand image. is excellent for helping you grow your following because they have bulk packages to get you all the likes and views you want. We only wish they would expand their services to other social media sites.

So, how does it work? It’s straightforward. Once you click on their secure site, you can view the various package choices:

-You can buy some likes

-Purchase automatic likes

-Purchase followers

If you view the top menu, you can see the options and the chance to “Buy Instagram views.” And once you’ve checked out, the people will get to work immediately delivering your order.

They offer targeted, genuine Instagram followers and provide fast delivery, too. So, you can view your numbers increasing almost immediately.

Highlights has some pretty unique features, so let’s check out the ones we liked the best.

Fast delivery: provides instant delivery for all packages. Their delivery is free of charge, and you can enjoy instant or gradual delivery. So, if you buy a big package, your followers will trickle in over time.

Companies do this to keep your account secure (plus, it looks genuine when you slowly but surely get likes). So, you can count on them to build your account the safe way.

No Passwords: You needn’t provide a password to get help from the people, and this is a huge deal.

Other services like provide organic engagement and followers, but they need to act on your behalf, employing manual follows and likes to increase account engagement. is internal through and through. They offer followers and engagement with zero passwords required, so long as your profile isn’t private.

Customer Care: provides a few different spots where you can speak to their support staff. You can begin by clicking on the “Support” tab on the dashboard of your account. Then, you may start a ticket for any issues you may have uncovered there.


  • Safe, secure website
  • Prices are transparent
  • The payment gateways are secure
  • The FAQ page has lots of good answers
  • Genuine customer reviews


  • They only work on Instagram- we’d like to see them operate on Twitter, Tik Tok, etc.

=> Click here to view the official website of

#3. Social Zinger – For Cheap & Instant IG Followers

We all know that social media is the best way to promote your business online, and Social Zinger can help you get where you need to be. If you need a place to grow your followers, then Social Zinger can help you get the subscribers, views, and likes you need.

They offer great customized packages that can help you boost your following. So, while you’re increasing engagement on Instagram, social zinger can also increase followers on YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok- they do it all.

Social Zinger are confident they are among the best spots to purchase your Instagram followers. They provide instant likes from genuine people on Instagram, and their rates are highly affordable. Be sure to check out the reviews from other satisfied customers on their website to see how good they are.


Instagram Likes: Your photos and videos need to generate the engagement you like. Don’t worry about that- Social Zinger will have you covered. You’ll enjoy genuine likes from real users to help your posts get noticed.

You’ll also enjoy instant delivery on these likes- they begin doing their work after you’ve placed your order. And they offer you the chance to split the likes among multiple photos.

So, if you’re showing off a new range of products at your company or showing off some new ‘fits, feel free to get the likes you want on all those photos.

24-Hour Support: Everyone knows the world of business, and social media never slows down or takes a rest, so Social Zinger offers 24-hour, 7-day-a-week live support.

Feel free to get some help, whether it’s 3 AM or 3 PM. They have help available 365 days a year, so don’t hesitate to contact them if you need assistance.

Stats: If you want results, Social Zinger can deliver those results. They have sold over 295 million followers and one billion likes and boast over 909,000 customers. Social Zinger is one of the premier places to find your followers and get your posts noticed.

Fast Delivery: They offer the fastest followers around. Within the hour, your followers and likes to get sent to you after the order has been placed and paid.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Social Zinger is about making a good impression on the customers, as you will notice when you work with them. Therefore, they implore you to speak with them if you feel dissatisfied with your order. And if any order were to go unfulfilled, you would get a refund.

Packages Your Way: You can choose among the various packages offered by Social Zinger to get the results you want. Go through the packages and select the one that fits your budget and offers the appropriate number of likes.


  • Safe, secure site that won’t get your account banned
  • Your order will be delivered within the hour
  • They work with YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook
  • Highly competitive rates


  • They do not provide services for Twitter.

=> Click here to view the official website of Social Zinger .

#4. InstaMama – Best Instagram Services For Gaining  Followers

InstaMama is one of the best websites for you to buy Instagram followers to improve your Instagram account with. If you have a business account that you want to grow on Instagram, the best way to start something depends on how many followers you have on the platform. This is one of the most definite ways for you to ensure that your business will actually expand on the platform.

You need organic followers to ensure that the growth you get from buying Instagram followers can be retained after you are not buying these followers. There are so many features for you to explore at InstaMama. It will not only increase your followers, but they will also enhance the user experience you have on the platform. Whether you have a business account or if you are trying to establish yourself as a brand yourself, the options are truly unlimited with InstaMama.


Variety of Packages: There are so many packages for you to choose from. These options make it easier for you to pick from when you have a lot of options. This can allow you to have control over your own growth on the platform.

Spread of Growth: You do not want to alarm the social media platform by suddenly having a significant jump in the number of your followers. It is the suddenness of the jump in your followers that will alarm the platform unnecessarily. When you have a gradual growth that is conducted stage wise, you will be able to retain this growth for a long period of time.

Organic Followers: The biggest downside of buying Instagram followers from random websites is that the organic followers are not always a possibility. With Insta Mama, you know you are getting organic followers that will not disappear because the growth takes place gradually.


  • Great user experience to ensure that there is no problem when you are buying Instagram followers.
  • All followers are organic so you can retain your newly gained followers.
  • There are many features for you to choose from. From buying Instagram followers to likes, there is something for everyone.    
  • The pricing is flexible and will allow you to choose what kind of plan will work the best for you.


  • You cannot apply for any trial period. However, you can opt for smaller packs as many as you like to see how well Insta Mama is working for you.

=> Click here to view the official website of InstaMama. is a brand that helps you increase your Instagram stats, all with the help of actual life clicks, followers, and views. You’re probably thinking, “Great, another one of the same.” Hear us out; this is a great brand!

The first impressions we have of are positive. We noticed that their beginner-size packages begin at under $2 for likes and views and under $3 for followers. It’s an excellent way to get started.

Their site makes it easy for all to increase their engagement. Their site indicates they are all-natural, with zero bots or fake followers that can shut an account down. No fake profiles will grace the pages of your profile.

Best of all, you can expect your followers/likes/views to go up fast because they deliver instant orders. Let’s move on to the great features of this company and what it can offer.


Targeted Approach: Clients can look forward to a targeted approach when purchasing their likes and follows/views.

That way, you get the profiles/demographics you’re seeking and the ideal audience for your specific niche. Good quality followers make a difference; you’ll get the best with

Using Instagram automation, you can get active, genuine users to your page. In addition, instant delivery is guaranteed for each package.

No Passwords: The bane of buying Instagram followers is that you have to hand over your password to some agencies, which is a huge security risk.

Therefore, you should check out to mitigate that fear. They don’t ask for your password and can select gradual or instant delivery. The former is perfect if you want a more “natural” approach to building your following.

Prices: There are a variety of price tiers to choose from, and we like that they are separated into various categories. Feel free to focus on likes, views, followers, or all three.

The followers are a good example, and packages begin at $2.87. No password handover is necessary, and you will enjoy 24-hour support.

Likes begin at $1.37, and views begin at $1.87. As you can see, these prices are reasonable.

Secure site: Everybody knows to look for https at the top of the screen, and is no different. Your information is encrypted, and you’re free to enter your card details/payment info, it will be stolen.

Customer Care: Each customer, big or small, is valued with, and it shows. Feel free to ask their support team for answers about your order, day or night.

All results are guaranteed. You’ll get interaction from real users excited to interact with your posts. You are free to cancel the service anytime, so buy with confidence.


  • Highly competitive prices
  • Choose instant delivery or gradual engagements
  • Enjoy interactions with active, genuine users
  • No bots used


  • They only deal in Instagram- we hope they will add other social media platforms later.

=> Click here to view the official website of

#6. SocialViral – Instant Delivery Of Followers Over Instagram

SocialViral is an Instagram follower agency with plenty of great features and tools that help you get the recognition you need on Instagram.

They offer reasonable prices and real likes. You can see your profile instantly.

We love that SocialViral sets its prices based on how little or how much engagement you need, which is perfect if you’re working with a small budget.

SocialViral is a safe place to turn if you need followers. Our research shows that this is a highly reputable brand, and they’re capable of ensuring customers are satisfied. So, it is the place to look if you demand quality likes, followers, and views.

They offer a safe and secure way to get the engagement you need on your posts, and you don’t need to worry about getting your account locked down. They do everything by the book, and you can enjoy real followers engaging with your content.


Customer Feedback: We first noticed the positive reviews that customers left behind. One customer, William, said, “They could charge more, and I’d be OK with it.

They help you solve problems the easy way.” Another customer, Bethany, said, “It took some trial and error before I found the right company, but here they are! The benefits are flowing, and they will pay for you, too.”

These are just two reviews- imagine what other customers think!

Safe, Secure Site: We are happy to note that when you click on the SocialViral site, they feature the https. So, your info is safe, and you can make payments on the site without worrying that your card/payment info is being stolen.

On that note, people sometimes worry that SocialViral is a scam. However, you can rest assured this place is the real deal. Moreover, their guarantee states that They will refund any unfulfilled order.

Transparent Prices: The first thing we ask when buying something is, “how much?” SocialViral knows this, and the tiered pricing points make it easy to devise and stick to a budget. There are no surprises here; pick the price that makes sense to you.

Manage Many Accounts: Use SocialViral as your ticket to complete account management. You can manage all your social media here and buy what you need to boost engagement across multiple platforms.

FAQs: Too often, we’ve stumbled upon FAQ pages that could be more useful. Not here! You will notice that you can get pretty good answers on this page. It’s a good primer for people who’ve never bought followers and need some advice.

Email and Telephone Support: You can get help over email or phone- your choice- when you go with SocialViral. They also ask for this info when you sign up so that they can contact you if a problem arises. You’ll always be abreast of your account status with SocialViral.


  • Safe, secure website
  • Fast delivery; instant in most cases
  • Accurate results you can see
  • Genuine views, followers, and likes


  • No free trial periods

=> Click here to view the official website of Social-viral.

How We Made This List Of Best Sites To Buy Real Instagram Followers?

The list of where to get your Instagram followers is here and written to offer a fast guide/solution to getting the followers you need.

All of our sites are trustworthy and legit and provide excellent service.

We’ve relied on these sites in the past and feel confident recommending them to our readers. Here are the main factors we looked for as we researched.

Value for Money

If you have to purchase Instagram followers, you don’t want to break the bank doing it. But you don’t want bots that will flag your account, either.

So, we’ve chosen sites that provide a good deal for the product offered. They use real followers and provide fast service to help your profile along faster.

Payment Methodologies

We chose the best sites for Instagram followers, not for their excellent services alone but for how they serve all customers.

Having varied payment methods is one way to increase customer satisfaction, and the websites above deliver.

You can pay using your credit cards or a payment service like PayPal. However, you like to pay, they have you covered.

Once you’ve found a site you like, review their payment methods to see which one makes sense.


An engagement using quality sources is a great way to boost your social media standing and appear more credible.

If you’re using our sites to purchase Instagram followers, you can be assured these engagements offer you quality likes and views. They are performed by real people, after all.

We have reviewed each site carefully on this list, and you can rest assured they will provide a boost to your Instagram account.

Customer Service

Our readers need more time to deal with rude or knowledge-lacking customer service reps. They need quality help, especially if the order has a problem.

You can be sure that the sites above provide helpful and friendly customer service personnel. If a problem arises, you can count on solving it.

We sent a few questions to the sites above, asking about their business and testing the waters to see if the representatives were as friendly and helpful as we expected.

As a result, you will have a good experience using any of the websites listed above to buy Instagram followers.

Beginner’s Guide: Buying Instagram Followers

Choosing a great site to purchase your Instagram followers can take time and effort. However, you’ll find plenty of sites offering these services to buyers.

Here’s a buying guide you can use to make the process easier:

Transparency of the Business

When choosing which site, you’d like to use, you should check out the transparency of the site. You’ll find many trustworthy ones who will deliver, but not all. It would help if you got to know the business before you send them any money.

Check that the site you are using is reputable and trustworthy.

Ensure the company operating the business will offer a guarantee, whether fulfilling the order or issuing a refund if it doesn’t work out.

Check out the customer feedback and other reviews. See that they use real Instagram users and not just bots.

Exercise caution in which provider you’ll use, and check for sites that tell you the steps to their process, so you know what to expect. Transparency in the policies and their process is a necessity.

Secure Payments

When you buy Instagram followers, you must check out the site’s safety before buying. However, buying bot followers is a fast way for companies to become widely known on social networking sites and rise to the top within their respective niches.

However, some sites might need to deliver on these promises. For example, they might have insecure payment gateways or fake bot followers. So, check the site policies to verify that the service uses real people to get your likes, views, and engagement.

The worst sites might use malware to access your device or account. They may even convince you they are Instagram employees, asking you for personal information like your password or saying your card didn’t go through. Can you reply with that info?

Review the site’s security measures, and do not give your password to anyone. As you have seen, you don’t need to give your password to anybody to gain followers using a buying service.

Lastly, review the guarantees. Ensure that if the order still needs to be delivered, you can get a refund. That way, you’re covered no matter what.

Customer Privacy

When choosing the best places to buy Instagram likes, website privacy is a top priority. Most companies will need your email or profile name, but others could be up to no good and store your data for later use.

It’s a problem as you don’t want companies selling your data to a third party, making a profit, and bothering you with spam emails/calls all day. It’s wrong, and most people do not want their info sold.

Security of the site matters, too. You will use PayPal, credit cards, Zelle, etc., to make these payments. You don’t want that data getting out.

Check that the site you’re interested in uses SSL-secured technology. You can check for the padlock icon in the address bar for this.

User Feedback

Purchasing Instagram followers isn’t hard to do, and most sites will have you in and out with your newfound engagement in a matter of minutes. But it would help if you only settled for something excellent when talking about customer reviews.

See what others are saying first before you buy. See that the followers are genuine and not bots. If you are prepared to drop money on this profile growth, you deserve a worthwhile batch of real followers and helpful customer service if you have questions.

So, ask around, and research yourself to see what others say. You could save a lot of headaches that way.

FAQs Regarding Buying IG Followers

Q1. Is It Helpful to Purchase Followers?

Selecting a safe source to purchase Instagram followers will help your popularity. If this were a bunk idea, there would be fewer sites supporting it/offering the service.

Plus, it’s akin to advertising; it’s an excellent way for businesses to compete and get the word out about their products or services.

Consider purchasing Instagram followers, likes, and views if you want serious account growth, and do so fast.

Q2. When Will the Followers Arrive on My Account?

Depending on your chosen site, you will likely see the followers that day- perhaps that instant!

For large orders, you’ll want the results to trickle in gradually so that Instagram doesn’t flag your account for suspicious activity.

Plus, it’s more natural-looking when the users associated with large orders come in slowly.

Your results are guaranteed with each of these platforms. Take your time to increase your follower count; however- Instagram algorithms are good at detecting when traffic has increased.

It’s not worth risking losing your account. Let the sites do their work in due time, and remember, any unfulfilled orders will be refunded. You’re safe either way.

Q3. How Can I Pay for My Order?

You’ll have plenty of choices for paying for your Instagram followers. You can try out the sites first under their free trial choices, and then you may choose the payment method that makes sense to you.

You’ll find that the sites above provide buyers the chance to pay with popular methods like PayPal, credit cards, and more. Check around before committing to an order to ensure you see the payment method you want.

Q4. Is Buying Instagram Followers Safe to Do?

Yes, so long as you purchase them from reputable sources. Unfortunately, too many of these “buy Instagram follower” sites use bots or other fake means to increase your follower count.

You’ll want to stick with a reputable website for the best results. And never accept business with a site that asks for your Instagram password- you may be on the verge of being hacked or scammed.

Concluding – Buy Instagram Followers With Instant Delivery

It’s easier than you think to grow your following on Instagram, and it’s not overly expensive. You need only to find suitable sources to garner actual, authentic engagements from purchased followers.

We hope that this article has helped you get more followers and fast. These are the greatest sites on the internet for buying Instagram followers, and they offer services that make it a simple process. You can get everything you want and more with these fantastic sites.

You can find packages that offer immediate results, or you can choose to grow your following slowly and surely. Of course, the prices will vary, but such services are ideal if you’re a business and hope to grow your Instagram following fast.

Regardless, we hope this article has offered you some points to consider as you grow the following. Now, it’s your choice. Which site will you rely on to buy Instagram followers?