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How One Dallas Company Is Turning the Great Resignation Into the Great Resolution

Leadr is changing the way that employees engage with their organization and stem the tide of resignations.
By Leadr |

In 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that nearly 4 million workers left their jobs each month. That means that nearly 3% of the country’s workforce quit every 30 days. This mass exodus has been fueled by a number of factors. The pandemic, wage stagnation, and job dissatisfaction are among the top reasons.

This upset in the workforce has left employers scrambling to attract and retain well-qualified employees, at great cost to their business. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the average cost per hire is $4,425, in addition to training costs and lost productivity while the position is vacant.

Leadr, a people development startup in the Dallas area, is changing the way that employees engage with their organization and stem the tide of resignations. Co-founders Matt Tresidder and Chris Heaslip believe that when managers are given the tools to act as coaches, employees and teams start to thrive.

As Tresidder and Heaslipwere gathering research to build their platform, they interviewed hundreds of managers and executives across industries to find out what development activities they were currently doing with their teams. As they analyzed the lists of responses, they had their first big breakthrough. There was no shortage of effort being put forth, but the results did not match that effort.

Continuing to dig deeper, they decided that their system would be built around five key principles: one-to-one meetings, consistent feedback, clear goals, personalized growth plans, and the strengths of the individual. These principles come alongside existing management activities and make them more effective, personalized, collaborative, and trackable.

All of Leadr’s customers have benefited from an increase in organizational health, growth in their teams, improvement in engagement, and transformation of the culture of their organization. In the words of one company, Carolina Industrial Products, Leadr’s platform provided a “life-giving structure’ to existing efforts within the organization.”


As the second generation of leadership at Carolina Industrial Products stepped into their roles, they struggled to get buy-in regarding their mission and vision. They knew relationship building was the heart of building a solid leadership foundation and wanted a tool that would help the team have stronger, more meaningful interactions with each other. As they continued to use the software, they found it was easily adaptable to the needs of their organization. Not only did it help create productive one-on-one conversations, but it helped create structure during their weekly director’s meetings.

Leadr has a vision of the future workplace. In this future, every manager is a coach and every employee has a voice, effectively developing leaders at every level of the organization. Their vision is to develop 1 million leaders across organizations in every field. Each business that joins them becomes a part of its mission to develop and empower employees through relational leadership.

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