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Mother's Day

Your 2023 Dallas Mother’s Day Gift Guide

From belly oil to a wine bottle clutch to a flower color theory book, here are 21 local presents Mom is sure to love.

Mother’s Day is all about pampering the moms in your life who’ve given you everything. From tucking you in at night to fixing scraped knees to, yes, even chastising you for breaking curfew, our moms are our literal day ones. It’s time to celebrate that. 

But how? D Magazine rounded up our favorite local finds for new mamas, grandmothers, and every age in between. Find self care and home goods, as well as cards, family fun, and everything you might need to show Mom how much you care this year.

Relax & Recharge Gift Set from Box of Dallas

Relax and Recharge Gift Box, $114, A Box of Dallas

Mom deserves a day to unwind and get her zen on. Give her everything she needs with this gift set from A Box of Dallas. 

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Mani & Pedi Kit from Gloss Lab

Mani-Pedi Kit, $45, GlossLab

Chipping a nail while out and about is always a drag. With this travel-sized kit, you can touch up your nails anywhere.

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The Soothing Kit from Joanna Czech

The Soothing Kit, $550, Joanna Czech 

Traveling is stressful, and dry, pimply skin can only add to that frustration. Combat irritated skin with celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech’s travel-sized soothing kit, which comes with a toner, serum, balm, and cleansing wipes.

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Hey Mama! Boob & Belly Oil from ZenJenn

Hey Mama! Boob and Belly Oil, $30, ZenJenn

Stretch marks are a natural part of life. But you can hydrate and treat your skin with this ZenJenn oil, which is made with chamomile, lavender bud, lemon balm, apricot oil, and more.

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Tourmaline Night Harvest Meditation Set from The Conservatory

Tourmaline Night Harvest Meditation Set, $135, The Conservatory

Everyone needs to unwind and reset after a long day. This meditation set includes a 130-gram tourmaline stone and a sandalwood and nutmeg-infused Night Harvest scent. Together, these “[balance] the right and left sides of the brain.”

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Wine Bottle Carrying Clutch Bag from Neiman Marcus

Wine Bottle Carrying Clutch Bag, $40, Neiman Marcus

It’s a known fact that moms can fit all kinds of treats and surprises and their purses. At least this clutch gives you a clue.

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Shona Joy Kiana Short Sleeve Oversized Dress from Tootsies

Shona Joy Kiana Short Sleeve Oversized Shirt Dress, $260, Tootsies

Who says Dad is the only one who can rock a Hawaiian shirt? In this oversized shirt dress, Mom’s always on vacation.

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Hand Beaded Mother's Day Earrings from Claire Beth Co.

Mother’s Day Earrings, From $20, Claire Beth & Co.

Local maker Claire Beth & Co.’s charming hand-beaded earrings are the ideal accessory to finish off any new mom’s look.

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Bottega Veneta Medium Arco Woven Leather Tote from Stanley Korshak

Bottega Veneta Medium Arco Woven Leather Tote, $3,100, Stanley Korshak

Mom will go tote-tally bananas for this stunning Bottega Veneta tote bag.

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Women's Anna Dress David Gingham from Dondolo

Women’s Anna Dress – David Gingham, $170, Dondolo

This feminine and frilly gingham dress is the perfect ’fit for a Mother’s Day brunch, backyard bash, or school run.

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Handmade Pink Floral Bouquet Quilling Mother's Day Card from Bonsai Paper Co.

Handmade Pink Floral Bouquet Quilling Mother’s Day Card, $11.95, Bonsai Paper Co.

Earlier this year, North Texas-based Bonsai Paper Co. opened its first permanent storefront. Visit the Galleria Dallas shop to find delightful Mother’s Day greetings, like this hand-quilled card.

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Pajara Pinta Backgammon No. 4 from Support HerStory

Pajara Pinta Backgammon No. 4, $200, Support HerStory

Whether you’re chilling by the beach or hanging out in the backyard, a game with the family is always fun.

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Mother's Love Mother's Day Card from Etsy

Mother’s Love Card, $5.49, Etsy

A mother’s love spans generations. Check out this sweet card and more from You Go Girl, a local Black- and woman-owned Etsy shop that makes witty and beautiful “melanated greeting cards for her.”

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Midnight Poppy Outdoor Blanket from All Good Things

Midnight Poppy Outdoor Blanket, From $55, All Good Things

Make any spot perfect for a family picnic with this floral water-resistant outdoor blanket from All Good Things. 

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Edamama Mother's Day Card from Bonsai Paper Co.

Edamama Mother’s Day Card, $8.50, Bonsai Paper Co.

If you and your mom are two soybeans in a pod, this card is for you.

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Grandma's Garden Poster from Etsy

Grandma’s Garden Poster, From $38.25, Etsy

Show Grandma how much she means to the family with this adorable poster from local Etsy shop Siloes Custom Gifts. You can customize the names and birth month flower for up to 24 stems. (Plus, use promo code “DMAGAZINE” when you check out on Etsy and get 50 percent off any purchase from the shop through 2023.)

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Addison Ross Lacquer Tray from Stanley Korshak

Addison Ross Lacquer Tray, $265, Stanley Korshak

Breakfast in bed is a must on Mother’s Day. Serve Mom her pancakes and orange juice on this lovely scalloped lacquer tray from Stanley Korshak.

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The Subscription Service Flowers from Park City Petals

The Subscription Service, From $135, Park City Petals

Fresh flowers can brighten any room and any mood. Get beautiful and blooming floral arrangements weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly with a Park City Petal flower subscription.

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Putnam Putnam Flower Color Theory from the Conservatory

Putnam + Putnam Flower Color Theory, $35, The Conservatory

If Mom prefers to be her own florist, then she’ll love this go-to guide from Putnam Flowers. The 484-page book has everything you need to know about which colors and flowers go together and how to arrange them.

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Georg Jensen Elephant Picture Frame from Neiman Marcus

Georg Jensen Elephant Picture Frame, $79, Neiman Marcus

This whimsical elephant picture frame is the perfect edition for any desk, nightstand, or bookshelf.

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Mother's Day Candle from White Rock Soap Gallery

Mother’s Day Candle, $28, White Rock Soap Gallery

What does Mother’s Day smell like? According to White Rock Soap Gallery, peonies and sea salt. Get this fresh, limited edition candle before its run burns out.

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