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Faces of Pediatric Dentistry

Establishing healthy habits early for a lifelong beautiful smile.
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Carla Damon, D.D.S.; Loria Nahatis, D.D.S.
Vanessa Gavalya

Drs. Carla Damon and Loria Nahatis, both mothers of two children, are on the forefront of pediatric dentistry. They apply their experience with their own children and expertise in pediatric anatomy, physiology, craniofacial growth and development, and how a child’s behaviors and habits affect dental health to help them thrive—starting from infancy.

With more than 25 years of combined experience, they understand the importance of getting children excited and curious; this goes a long way in gaining their trust, acceptance, and compliance. Not only does their practice focus on routine pediatric dentistry, it also emphasizes an overall oral wellness approach, including early growth and development, myofunctional therapy, diagnosing and treating infant and child lip- and tongue-ties, and identifying problems associated with sleep disordered breathing. The practice collaborates and works closely with other Dallas-Fort Worth healthcare providers. Parents appreciate having a team to support their children and families. 

National leaders in their field, Drs. Damon and Nahatis have been invited to speak about their expertise in early growth and development for the American Dental Association and the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry. They recognize that the younger treatment begins, the more they can help children untangle their poor habits and improve growth patterns that put them at risk for suboptimal health. 

Drs. Damon and Nahatis inspire and empower children, and this is reflected in everything they do. Their mission is to make a positive impact in their patients’ lives by encouraging them to live an exceptional life by establishing healthy habits. 

Conveniently located in Preston Center, Drs. Damon and Nahatis look forward to helping each child look and feel their best. They create a path to wellness by looking at their patients’ teeth and beyond!

Beyond Pediatric Dentistry
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