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Doctor’s Orders: A Healthier, Happier You

The connection between looking good and feeling good.
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When you look better, you feel better. This is something women have always known. From a fresh haircut and new outfit to a little Botox or plastic surgery, a change in appearance can make all the difference. “Self-esteem soars when you feel confident in your appearance,” says Dr. Steven J. White, a plastic surgeon with USA Plastic Surgery. “The greatest reward for me as a plastic surgeon is not only seeing the physical transformations after surgery but also seeing the huge impact in how patients see themselves.  I believe this is truly the essence and magic of cosmetic plastic surgery.”

Breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, and mommy makeovers are the most common requests Dr. White receives. However, rhinoplasty, arm liposuction, and face and neck lifts are becoming more popular, too. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Rhinoplasty with Septoplasty and Turbinoplasty

Women have realized they can get the best of both worlds with rhinoplasty to re-shape the nose and septoplasty and turbinoplasty to improve breathing and allergies. “Many years of experience as an ear, nose, and throat surgeon and a plastic surgeon have allowed me to create much better results in nasal surgery,” Dr. White says. Dr. White knows sculpting the nose is a game of millimeters, which requires precise techniques and a thorough understanding of the complicated anatomy. Careful attention should be taken to avoid over-resection causing a pinched, collapsed, or “done” look. This is the most common reason patients are referred to him for revision rhinoplasty. Dr. White advises patients to choose their surgeon carefully, because the nose is the focal point of the face and can’t be covered up if the surgery doesn’t turn out well. Dr. White’s The Elegant Rhinoplasty™ procedure is the culmination of his decades of experience performing nasal surgery as an ENT doctor and a plastic surgeon. He optimizes every aspect of nose surgery, not only removing excess tissue but also reshaping the nose and restoring its structure for improved appearance with better breathing and less allergies.

Arm Liposuction

The MicroLipoSculpt technique for liposuction is used on all areas of the body and is particularly effective on the arms—a common problem spot for women. Liposuction slims and reshapes specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits, improving body contours and proportion. Dr. White sculpts the upper arms with specially designed, custom-made, small cannulas for greater fat removal with a more natural look with smoother contours. A tumescent (super wet) technique is used to minimize blood loss and allow larger volumes of fat to be removed more safely. Recovery is faster with most patients returning to work after several days.

Facial Rejuvenation

While Botox and fillers can turn back time on the face, Gen-X women are starting to see the tell-tale signs of aging just a little lower—their necks. Facelift patients usually begin to explore surgery for signs of facial aging when the injectables become less effective over time. As the skin becomes looser, the face begins to droop and the neckline becomes less defined. The goal in facelift surgery should be a natural refreshed appearance with a defined neck and jawline with imperceptible scars without distortion of the earlobes or hairline. Dr. White’s Dual Layer Bi-Directional High SMAS Face and Neck Lift™ lifts up a “drooping” face, sculpts the neck, and re-drapes and removes the excess loose skin without tension for a natural look. Dr. White says his patients are surprised to learn the procedure doesn’t hurt and narcotics are not needed. Typically, there is little (if any) bruising with his patients resuming some social activities one week later after the sutures are removed.

Mommy Makeovers

Rapid Recovery Mommy Makeover™ is the latest advance in breast and body contouring offered by Dr. White. Amazing results can be seen when a tummy tuck is combined with either breast enhancement (breast augmentation or breast lift) or liposuction of the hips, thighs, and knees.  Dr. White calls this the Tummy and Above or Tummy and Below. “Many patients opt for all three, as moms are eager to get back into bikini shape after they finish having children,” he says. The Rapid Recovery Mommy Makeover yields remarkable results, less pain, and faster recovery. Most patients find it hard to believe they can have a tummy tuck and breast augmentation or breast lift with little (if any) bruising, be off pain pills in 24 hours, and be back to work in seven to 10 days.

Breast Augmentation

Dr. White’s Optimized, Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation™ (The No Bruise Breast Augmentation™, is a detailed approach to breast augmentation without a single bruise in more than 95% of his patients. He developed this seven-step program to optimize every step of the process while focusing on a rapid recovery without the stuck-on look.  By using specialized instruments and precise techniques to avoid bruising and minimize pain, patients enjoy a remarkably quick and easy recovery. Typically, they have no bruising at all and are only taking Tylenol for pain on the day after surgery. According to Dr. White, the two most important factors in breast augmentation involve how the pocket is made under the muscle for the implant and how the surgeon matches the implant to the patient’s body and their desired size. Precise pocket dissection is essential to allow for the best cleavage and minimize the chance of the implants becoming displaced after surgery due to over-dissection of the pocket. To achieve natural-appearing breasts requires careful attention when selecting which implants to use. This is best determined during surgery when tester implants are used to try out several implants to ensure that the best implant is selected to match the individual patient’s tissues and desired size. Sculpting of the breast tissue over the implant is also often indicated to create a natural result.

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon

  • Ensure the surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery to perform surgery of the face, breast, and body.
  • Look at their work. See before-and-after photos. Analyze the quality and consistency of the photos. Be sure you see all three views of every patient for a complete picture. A missing view may reveal the asymmetry the surgeon hoped you might not notice.
  • Read patient reviews on the doctor’s web site to see what their patients say about the quality of their results and the care they received. Although a picture is worth a thousand words, the stories patients tell can give you greater insight into what makes a surgeon truly extraordinary.
  • Some surgeons charge more for the same procedure, but it’s probably not the same procedure. It takes longer to perform precision surgery and achieve exceptional results, so it does cost more, but is well worth the time and effort to optimize results and recovery. Dr. Steven J. White, USA Plastic Surgery

How to Prevent and Alleviate Back and Neck Pain

Increasing the flexibility and strength of your neck and back muscles can greatly decrease the risk of future injuries and pain. Although medicine (including muscle relaxants) can ease the pain and relax tight muscles, it cannot stop spasms from returning. Dr. Rebecca Stachniak, a board-certified neurosurgeon with Brain & Spine Center of Texas, recommends back and neck exercises and stretching as a first step to addressing back and neck pain. Steroid injections, medication, and physical therapy are her first recommendations, and she performs surgery only when necessary. Says Dr. Stachniak, “Doctors need to perform true informed consent with their patients that includes drawing pictures of the surgery so patients understand why a procedure needs to be performed.”

Dr. Stachniak often recommends these back and neck exercises and stretches as a preventive measure to keep muscles strong and as a first line of pain treatment. After a warm up, hold each position for 10 seconds and repeat the movement 10 times. Says Dr. Stachniak, “Start slowly and increase the repetitions as you feel stronger and more comfortable with the exercises.” See detailed and instructions at


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