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Face of Breast Augmentation

Whether you need first-time breast augmentation or revision of a previous surgery all considerations should be discussed with your surgeon for a a natural-looking result.

Breast augmentation is a common surgery procedure that should be entered into with careful research. As a center for these referrals, revision augmentation surgeries are unfortunately not uncommon for Dr. Ricardo Meade to repair. The surgeon you initially choose can make all the difference in the outcome. “Revising breast augmentation is a challenging procedure and requires planning, thought, and conversation between the surgeon and the patient,” says Dr. Meade. “Whether it’s a first-time breast augmentation or a revision of a previous surgery, there are many options, techniques. and considerations that need to be discussed in order to provide a natural-looking aesthetic result.”

Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Meade’s journey in plastic surgery began at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. From there, he continued his education at Duke University, training in both general surgery and plastic surgery. Following his residency, he refined his skills with an aesthetic surgery fellowship at UT Southwestern Medical School and the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute (DPSI). Today, in addition to balancing raising four children with his wife and a busy practice at DPSI, where he formerly served as director of the Dallas Day Surgery Center, he helps train DPSI’s aesthetic surgery fellows and serves on the executive committee of the practice.

Dr. Meade is frequently sought after for his excellent outcomes in breast augmentation and breast augmentation revision surgery, as he has developed great skill in this area. His warm demeanor and extensive experience in correcting complex surgical breast augmentation cases immediately put his patients at ease. “I enjoy doing procedures where I can make a difference by how I do them,” he says. “When it comes to breast augmentation and secondary breast augmentation, each patient has her unique needs. I remain focused on applying the newest advances in the field, ranging from three-dimensional virtual breast simulation to the full gamut of biologic mesh repairs for the best and longest lasting result.”



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