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What Are My Options to Replace All of My Teeth?

Dr. Jason Roe discusses solutions for missing teeth and how to determine what is right for your needs.

I’ve lost some of my teeth and now may have to lose them all. What are my options to replace my missing teeth?

There are several options, including dentures and dental implants.

Do I have to have a denture? 

A denture is a removable dental prosthetic. It is made entirely out of acrylic and custom-fabricated to fit closely with the ridges and tissues of one’s mouth.  Made correctly, it should fit comfortably, look natural, and under certain conditions, stay still in the mouth. A denture should be removed each night and should be kept moist (often in a glass of water). Although a denture is generally an option for everyone, most have options that provide them with more confidence and comfort.

Will I have to use denture adhesive or cream? 

A denture replacing one’s upper teeth can often be made to create a suction effect and aid in retention in the mouth. A lower denture often lacks suction and will likely require some denture adhesive.

I know I don’t want to use adhesive. What else can I do? 

The easiest and most affordable option uses dental implants to help keep one’s denture secure. Two or more dental implants can help anchor a denture so that it stays still and comfortable allowing for an increased ability to chew and smile confidently without any denture adhesive/glue.

What if I don’t want to take my teeth out each night? 

Can my teeth be replaced without a denture? Absolutely! There are a variety of options in this category as well, but all of them involve dental implants. Think of a dental implant as a root replacement. Teeth are connected to these “prosthetic roots” and secured in the mouth in their correct and natural position. This allows for the straightened, white, beautiful smile that you may have dreamed about and the confidence of knowing that not only does it stay still during the day, but it also doesn’t get removed at night as well! These prosthetics differ in their material (full acrylic, titanium-supported acrylic, zirconia/ceramics) as well as the number and location of the dental implants. They can be tailored to one’s desires and budget.

What is a prosthodontist and why should I see one? 

A prosthodontist is a specialist in dental prosthetics. They have an additional three years of training in the areas of crowns, bridges, dentures, partials, dental implants, and hybrids. When replacing all of one’s top or lower teeth, the restorative plan is very important. Prosthodontists are the best specialists to help one understand the pros and cons of each option as it relates to their unique mouth anatomy. Losing your teeth can end with a confident smile!

Dr. Jason Roe is well-credentialed for treating patients with extreme dental complexities. After earning his Doctorate at Baylor College of Dentistry in Dallas, Dr. Roe served seven years in the U.S. Army where he completed his specialty training at the prestigious U.S. Army’s Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontics. As the chief resident, Dr. Roe was dually trained as a clinician and dental laboratory technician affording him the benefit of excellency in both areas. Following his residency, Dr. Roe completed his board certification and became a Diplomate of the American Board of Prosthodontics. Holding various positions during his Army tenure, he served as a staff prosthodontist to thousands of soldiers in Georgia, North Carolina, and Afghanistan. Dr. Roe was able to expand on his lab technician background when he headed a dental laboratory shared by dozens of dentists and lab technicians. As a professor and lecturer, Dr. Roe mentored dozens of postdoctoral dental residents in the field of prosthodontics, was awarded Mentor of the Year, and has guest lectured at Harvard. His knowledge, compassion, friendly demeanor, and patience resonated with his past students just as they do with his patients today at ProDental Dallas. ProDental Dallas is a state-of-the-art, boutique-style practice where each patient is treated as family. With a desire to enrich patients dental experiences, Dr. Roe and his team strive to create smiles and transform lives.