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Best CBD Gummies for Sleep: Top 5 Brands of 2021

If you're struggling for some solid shut eye, these gummies may be your answer.

CBD gummies are among the most user-friendly products available and perhaps the simplest form for new users. CBD has become one of the most relevant products for relief, along with boosting mood and improving quality of sleep.

The increasing popularity of CBD products is due to the following reasons:

  • The 2018 Federal Farm Bill legalized the sale of hemp-based products nationwide.
  • Herbal-based products, like CBD, generally have little or none of the side-effects that people worry about.
  • People are now more interested in finding solutions that can help improve their wellness without any of the adverse effects.
  • CBD has become a solution for many, thus becoming a sought-after product. It is now available in various forms, making it easy to use and adaptable to various needs. The gummy format is an enjoyable and easy way to start or even continue using CBD.

Gummies are an enjoyable and discreet way of using CBD, and it is also easy enough to add to your daily routine. However, it is still important to get the right information about the products available to make sure that you are buying from a trustworthy brand.

One of the best things about using gummies is that it doesn’t involve any complicated prep work; take one, chew, and enjoy the flavors and benefits that CBD has to offer.

There are so many brands to choose from, and you will find some of the best available out there in the list below:

The Top Brands for CBD Gummies for Sleep:

  1. Cheef Botanicals – Strongest CBD Gummies
  2. Fab CBD Chews – High Quality THC Free
  3. CBDistillery Gummies – Cheapest Option
  4. Hemp Bombs Gummies – Best Broad Spectrum
  5. CBDFx Gummies – Wide Variety

What Makes A Good and Reliable Brand?

CBD brands are more popular than ever before because there is a high demand for them, mainly from customers looking for unconventional ways of dealing with pain and other health issues.

There is a large volume of brands out there, and it can sometimes be tough to differentiate between legitimate and bogus products. Many enterprises are jumping on the CBD bandwagon with products that might be mediocre or perhaps unsafe for consumption.

There are platforms available online to help find reliable and trustworthy CBD sources and hemp products. These platforms aim to regulate products by reviewing the following factors: adequacy, legitimacy, potency, affordability, and safety.

Many of these sources have invested efforts in distilling the list by carrying out in-depth research methods, like using blogs, sites, forums, and personal testing.

Some reliable sources have reviewed various CBD products in the market and measured their credibility by carrying out the following actions:

  • Email survey to 9,000 members and readers, with 4,500 response rate.
  • Research on reviews from various sites and forums.
  • Personal test of brands for a more legit review.

There are also various scientific studies on the effects and benefits of CBD, which are also worth researching to better understand why it has become such a popular solution for many.

Below is an overview of the factors used to review CBD Gummies:


This is one of the most important factors in determining a product’s authenticity and safety. Some brands will include other types of ingredients to work in conjunction with CBD, which should be natural and beneficial to the user. One example would be the use of Melatonin for sleep aids. It is possible to view the ingredients on the brands’ website, but some will make them available on the bottle labels. Here are the ingredients to expect in the gummies: carrier base, flavonoids, cannabinoids, fatty acids, and various herbal


The higher the potency, the more effective and fast-reacting the product, which means it will have a longer effect.


Hemp products that are grown in the USA and Europe are widely considered as safe to use. This is because the farms are regulated in order to produce hemp that contains no contaminated chemicals, toxic chemicals, metals, or high THC amounts – the part of cannabis that makes you high. They are often better because they contain natural minerals and valuable fatty acids.

Type of extract

These are the extracts available: broad and full-spectrum and isolates. The type to use will completely depend on the user, and they must be informed of what comes with each type.

Test Labs

A good way to know that a brand is reputable and trustworthy is by checking to see if they use third-party laboratories for their products. Many brands out there will proactively advertise the third-party laboratories they use, so you can check this during your research.

Return Policies

Not all CBD products will be suitable, it’s not a one-fits-all criterion, and a lot will depend on the individuals’ needs and taste. Therefore, it is important to check the return policy and guarantee of the brand you are looking at because it will show that they value customer satisfaction. Many will offer a 100% refund, which is a good way of building trust in a brand.


The price for CBD products tends to be higher because of regulations currently in place, like how the hemp is sourced and the manufacturing processes involved in finalizing the product. So, you must make sure that you are getting your money’s worth by checking that the brand guarantees the ingredients are all-natural, tested by third-party labs and that the hemp is from a reputable source. Look out for brands that offer bundles and discounts because they want to gain your loyalty fast.


This is always a good indicator of a good brand because it shows that they value making high-quality products. Many brands will have been in the industry for years, gaining customer loyalty by expanding the range they sell, offering the best deals, and excellent customer service. Individual reviews are good testimonials of how good a brand is too. Some will reflect this on their website, including relevant features from publications or TV, so it is best to check them individually.

User Testimonials

Many people who review CBD gummies will rely on regular customer feedback because it is the most honest and raw data you can use to prove the reputation of a certain brand. It is also a good way to distill the best products available.

CBD Gummies are the best starter product for people new to taking CBD. It is important to note that the potency is typically low, ranging from around 5mg to 40mg; therefore, the effectiveness could be lower during the first try.

However, it is important to bear in mind that getting the dosage right is a trial-and-error process. It will depend entirely on the individual and their reasons for taking it in the first place.

Below are some of the best brands available and that have been regarded highly by many customers.

Here are the five best CBD Gummy products you should check out:

Best CBD Gummies for Sleep

#1. Cheef Botanicals: Strongest CBD Gummies

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

Cheef Botanicals is regarded as one of the most trusted brands available because of the transparency of their quality control and excellent customer service. It is manufactured from the best-sourced hemp in Colorado; organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free.

Cheef Botanicals was started by individuals that believed in the benefits of cannabis and living a healthy lifestyle.

These individuals brought together their 25-year experience in nutrition and wellbeing and worked with the finest farmers of Colorado’s hemp products. Together they worked to produce one of the most trusted brands available.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Gummies are made with full-spectrum extracts and are manufactured using hemp of broad-spectrum value without any THC traces.

The method of infusing CO2 to the oil extracted is then used to form these amazing vegan-friendly gummies. They are all-natural and have no traces of artificial colorings or flavorings, and any colors on the gummies are from fruits and vegetables.

These gummies are available across the USA and abide by federal standards and qualify as not psychotropic. They are vegan-friendly and do not contain gelatin or any other harmful additives or preservatives.

Cheef Botanicals uses a method called CO2 Extraction, which creates a safe and pure product to use and is tested in labs that are free of cruelty or contaminants.

Highlights and Overview

Potency Rate

  • A 300g bottle will contain 10mg per gummy
  • A 750g bottle will contain 25mg per gummy
  • A 1500mg bottle will contain 50mg per gummy
  • A 3000mg bottle will contain 100mg per gummy

The gummies are available in bottled packaged with 30 gummies in each.


  • CBD Oil (Full spectrum with no THC)
  • Rice Syrup (Organic)
  • Cane Sugar
  • Water
  • Citric Acid
  • Pectin
  • Spirulina
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Fruit & Veg concentrate for coloring (Organic Apples, Carrots, Pumpkins and Blackcurrants)
  • Natural Flavorings (Organic Apples, Grapes, Strawberry, Pineapple, and Orange)

Click here to See the Full List of Ingredients on Cheef’s Website.


These are the flavors available:

  • Pineapple
  • Grape
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Strawberry

Source Location of Hemp

The hemp is supplied by a source in Colorado, USA.

Testing Labs

The lab used is Cannasafe.

Type of Extract

It is a full-spectrum blend and contains no THC.

Return Policy

  • If you are unsatisfied with the gummies, then you have 30 days to return the item.
  • The item should only be returned if only 30% or less has been used. If more than 30% is used, then a refund cannot be issued.
  • Customers are responsible for shipping costs when returning unless the item received is incorrect or requires an exchange.


  • Process time for orders 24 to 48 hours.
  • Sent by Priority Mail (approx. 2-3 days across for USPS).
  • A tracking code will be available for customers once shipped.
  • No international shipping available.
  • Free Standard Shipping. Priority Mail shipping is $7.50.


  • The bottle containing 300mg is worth $23.95, which is $0.08 per mg.
  • The bottle containing 750mg is worth $44.95, which is worth $0.06 per mg.
  • The bottle containing 1500mg is worth $84.95, which is $0.06 per mg.
  • The bottle containing 3000mg is worth $124.95, which is $0.04 per mg.

Bundle Offers

  • A pack of 3 for the 300mg, valued at $64.67, approx. $0.07 per mg.
  • A pack of 3 for the 750mg, valued at $121.37, approx. $0.05 per mg.
  • A pack of 3 for the 1500mg, valued at $229.37, approx. $0.05 per mg.
  • A pack 3 of the 3000mg, valued at $337.37, approx. $0.04 per mg.

#2. Fab CBD Chews: High Quality & THC Free

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

Fab CBD is a young and modestly sized company that has quickly won many customers’ attention, despite the large competition against other bigger and established brands.

The product ticks all the factors listed above, with it being potent yet safe. It has definitely exceeded the expectations of many customers.

It is sourced from hemp that is organically cultivated in Colorado. It boasts of being 100% natural and free of GMO ingredients. It is also suitable for vegans and free of gluten and is safe enough for people with underlying conditions.

Fab CBD claims to have business transparency and ensures that it adheres to regulations, making it a trustworthy brand to use.

It boasts that their gummies have zero contents of the following: pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, and contaminants.

These delightful fruit-flavored gummies are also free from THC and contain a 25mg dose of CBD isolate.

Highlights and Overview

Fab CBD Chews are ideal for pain and stress relief, perfect for exercise-related sprains and muscle aches by helping to calm nerves and enhance wellbeing.

Potency Rate

  • 750mg will have 25mg CBD in each gummy.
  • The bottle will have 30 gummies in each packaging.


  • Organic sugar cane
  • Pectin
  • Citric acid
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Natural flavors
  • Natural colors
  • CBD isolate – hemp extract

Click here to See the Full List of Ingredients on Fab CBD’s Website.


There are a variety of flavors and colors to choose from.

Source Location of Hemp

The location of the hemp farm – Colorado, USA.

Testing Labs

The labs used to test the products – ProVerde Labs.

Return Policy

If you’re not satisfied, then you can return it within 30 days to get your money back.


  • US orders worth $89 and over – Free Shipping.
  • 5-7 days standard shipping rate (US).
  • 4 weeks – International Shipping (some delay at customs may occur).



#3. CBDistillery: Cheapest Option

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

CBDistillery is built on the belief that CBD products should be available to all at high quality and at an accessible price. Founded by people native to Colorado, it is now a fast-growing brand with a large following across the US.

The brand prides itself on producing homegrown CBD products that are organic and free of gluten and allergens, and suitable for vegan and kosher customers.

The Gummies are guaranteed to be tested in laboratories, which the website attests to by offering access to lab results. It is a trustworthy brand with a variety of certification to guarantee that they adhere to all the standards and regulations in place, one from the US Hemp Authority and one from GMP Certified Facility.

CBDistillery produces gummies free from THC with 30mg of isolated CBD and natural flavorings from fruits. They follow a process that involves the extraction of ethanol, a safe method of extraction that achieves the purest results with zero traces of THC.

Highlights and Overview

Potency Rate

  • The gummies are rated at 30mg per gummy in a 25 pack.
  • The Night-time Gummies are rated at 30mg per gummy, in 25 a pack.
  • These products both have a CBD content of 750mg.


CBD Gummies have:

  • Hemp Extract
  • Syrup from Tapioca
  • Contains sugar
  • Contains Water
  • Contains Pectin
  • Added natural flavorings
  • With Citric Acid
  • With Malic Acid
  • Vegetable and Fruit extracts for coloring
  • With added tapioca starch

Night-time Gummies contain:

  • Hemp Extracts
  • Added Melatonin at 1.5mg
  • With Tapioca Syrup
  • Added sugar
  • Contains water
  • Contains pectin
  • With added natural Flavoring
  • With Citric Acid
  • With Malic Acid
  • Vegetable and Fruit Extracts for coloring
  • With tapioca Starch

Click here to See the Full List of Ingredients on CBDistillery’s Website.


  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Raspberry-lemon

Source Location of Hemp

The location source – Colorado, USA.

Testing Labs

The brand uses ACS Laboratory.

Return Policy

There are no refunds on products that have been used.

They offer a limit of 7 days for returns, refunds, or replacements, but products must be sealed, and the reasons should be stated as:

  • Incorrect product delivered
  • Damaged product during shipping
  • Delivery problems, wrong delivery address, or undelivered items.


  • Free for US orders over $75.
  • Standard shipping (US), approximate delivery time is 3-5 working days.
  • Priority Shipping, approximately 2-3 working days via USPS.



#4. HempBombs: Best Broad Spectrum

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

HempBombs boast of having a large range of products available for customers to buy. They also guarantee your money’s worth with their gummies because they offer better potency and flavors. It even received the Retailer Choice Award as Best New Product for 2020!

The gummies offered by HempBombs are available as three options, Original at 15mg (which is their best-selling product), the High Potency range at 25mg, and their Sleep range at 15mg CBD with 5mg melatonin.

The gummies are manufactured from hemp that is broad-spectrum standard and laboratory tested, and they also guarantee that other tests are carried out during the manufacturing process.

These measures ensure that it is safe to sell and consume while remaining potent and effective. The products do not contain any pesticides, metals, solvents, or contaminants that can prove harmful to users. It undergoes one of the strictest extraction processes to ensure that it doesn’t contain any more than 0.3% THC, to abide by federal standards.

HempBombs also supply other ranges such as patches, syrups, and even lollipops!

Highlights and Overview

Potency Rate

Original range:

  • One gummy has a CBD value of 15mg.
  • One bottle of 60-count contains a CBD value of 900mg.

High-Potency range:

  • One gummy has a CBD value of 25mg.
  • One bottle of 60-count contains a CBD value of 1500mg.

Sleep range:

  • One gummy has a CBD value of 15mg.
  • One bottle of 60-count contains a CBD value of 900mg.
  • The melatonin value per gummy is 5 mg.


Hemp Extract – Broad Spectrum

A proprietary blend containing: Scutellaria, Melatonin, L-Theanine, and Passiflora

It also contains the following: Gelatin, Sugar, Lactate, Corn Syrup, Silicon Dioxide, and Natural and Artificial flavorings.


There’s a variety of flavors to choose from.

Source Location of Hemp

USA (exact location unknown).

Testing Labs

The lab used for the product is Desert Valley.

Return Policy

  • If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, then you have 30 days to return your order, and you’ll get your money back.
  • Note that this offer only applies to orders made through their official website.


  • All orders over $75 qualify for free shipping.
  • Delivery is available across the US, including Military addresses and Columbia district and territories in the USA Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.
  • Shipping excludes weekends and holiday periods.
  • 5 – 10 days shipping for US orders.
  • Shipping outside of the US is available (but beware of customs restrictions in your area).


Price for bottles of 60:

  • 99 ($0.11 per mg) for the original range.
  • $139.99 ($0.09 per mg) for the high potency range.
  • $99.99 ($0.11 per mg) for the sleep range.

#5. CBDFx: Offers a Variety to Choose From

Courtesy of Blue Ribbon Group

CBDFx started its business with vaping products and has now expanded to offer other CBD products.  Launched in 2014 to make the benefits of CBD available to the masses and has since grown to become one of the largest CBD companies in the world.

It is dedicated to providing the highest grade of CBD by sourcing from hemp crops guaranteed to be organic, free of pesticide and GMO, to ensure that their products are safe to use.

Once the best crops are selected, it is put through a process that extracts the CO2 to draw the purest CBD. Third-party labs then test for quality control. They also offer low potent gummies, which are perfect for first-time users.

The CBDFx gummies are free from gluten and suitable for vegans; they don’t contain any artificial sweetener or syrups. It is sourced from a broad-spectrum category of hemp, with no harmful products or pesticides, or metals, making it safe and reliable.

The gummies are available in three types: Regular Gummy Bears, Spirulina, Turmeric Gummies, and Melatonin.

Highlights and Overview

Potency Rate

  • It is measured at 5mg per gummy.
  • All three variants listed above have the same potency.
  • Two different sizes available; one is a 300mg bottle and a pouch of 40mg.


Regular range:

  • Hemp extract
  • Cannabinoids
  • Cane sugar (organic)
  • Agave syrup (organic)
  • Water (purified)
  • Pectin
  • Citric acid
  • Trisodium citrate
  • Natural flavorings
  • Tomato lycopene – coloring purposes

Gummies containing Turmeric and Spirulina:

  • Extracts of hemp
  • Cannabinoids
  • Cane sugar (organic)
  • Agave sugar (organic)
  • Water (purified)
  • Pectin
  • Citric Acid
  • Turmeric (organic)
  • Natural flavorings
  • Spirulina
  • Trisodium citrate

Gummies for Melatonin (sleep):

  • Extract of Hemp
  • Cane sugar (organic)
  • Tapioca
  • Water (purified)
  • Trisodium citrate
  • Melatonin
  • Natural colors
  • Natural Flavors
  • Citric Acid


There are various flavors available.

Source Location of Hemp

These are located in Southern California and Kentucky within the US, as some European farms.

Type of Extract

This is a broad-spectrum extract.

Testing Labs

These are tested in the BioCann Laboratories, as well as CC Testing Laboratory (CCTL).

Return Policy

You have 30 days to return items, granted they are not used, opened, or defective.


Free shipping is available across the US and can take approximately 5-10 working days. If you want a faster shipping time, then a fee is applied, which will take approximately 3 working days.


  • A 300mg bottle containing 60-count is valued at $49.99 (around $0.17 per mg).
  • A 40mg pouch that has an 8-count number is valued at $9.99 (around $0.25 per mg).

How Many CBD Gummies Should You Take for Sleep?

The ideal method to follow micro-dosing, making gradual increases to what best suits your needs and starting with the lowest mg available, is the best in figuring out what dose suits you.

It should be noted that you should first consult a medical practitioner before using these gummies, especially if you are on other types of prescribed medication. The doctor will be able to explain the doses that will best suit you, depending on your reasons for taking it.

Many brands will provide a chart that states the dosage per gummy and detailed instructions on how to take them.

However, you must bear in mind that despite the information provided, there’s no one-size-fits-all dosage rule because various factors can affect it, such as:

  • Weight
  • Whether your male or female
  • Your age
  • How severe your condition
  • Any chemical imbalance
  • Cannabis strain used

Most gummies will have zero traces of THC, so it is safe to begin with one dosage and monitor the length of the effect. Use that first dosage as a starting point for adjustments; for example, if the effects last 4 hours, it would mean taking another after the effects wear off for extended relief. This then means that 2 gummies might be the best dosage for you.

Checking the dosage charts, which are often available on the website, will give you a good idea of what is classed as mild to strong. Many will suggest 0.25mg per pound depending on your weight and o.5 for stronger doses.

You should keep in mind that if you are suffering from chronic physical and muscle pains, like arthritis, or severe insomnia, serious bouts of depression or anxiety, and should be treated with higher doses.

Gummies are often ideal for minor pain relief and muscle aches. They can also help other areas such as your immune system, digestive problems, nausea, skin conditions, and alleviating stress and anxiety.

The CBD effect in the body is limited to only a few hours but bear in mind that the substance will remain in your body, and it is activated when a dose is repeated. It will then be apparent that the gummies’ strength will lower at 6 to 8 hours from the first dose.

FAQs: CBD Gummies for Insomnia

What to do when using CBD gummies for sleep?

Gummy formats of CBD are ideal for many users, from beginners to those already familiar with the product. All you have to do is pop one in, then chew away until it is all gone! It will then gradually be absorbed into your blood through digestion. It is one of the simplest and more discreet ways to start taking CBD products.

Is it psychoactive, and will you feel high?

CBD Gummy brands will usually have zero traces of THC, which is what causes you to feel high.  But even products containing THC will only contain below 0.3%, so make sure you buy from a reputable source with clear outlines of THC ingredients.

What are the side-effects, and is it safe?

Many reviewers and users will tell you that they are safe and simple to use, as well as a great introduction to CBD. It is the best form for new starters! Most brands use ingredients that are natural and will cause no harm or allergies.

Some will have delightful flavorings to them, which may be one drawback to taking it if you are not partial to certain types of flavors. You might also experience a dry mouth, but as long as you keep hydrated, then you should be good to carry on using CBD Gummies!

Final Thoughts: Are CBD Gummies Good for Sleeping?

In the list we have above, it’s Cheef Botanicals & Fab CBD that came top amongst the rest because it ticked many of the boxes.

It’s effective, all-natural, and from a reputable source that manufactures their gummies at the highest grade possible. However, it doesn’t mean you should forget about the other products on the list.

The review should be used as a guide on how to choose the right CBD gummies for helping you sleep. Everyone will want it for different reasons, and some will have specific purposes, like CBDistillery with their night-time gummies.

The guidelines at the start of the article used to test the gummies should be followed to choose the right product. These factors are used across the board to ensure that a product is user-friendly, effective, and contains natural ingredients; therefore, no harmful products should be in the gummies.

You must also make sure that you find the right dosage for you, and most brands are incredibly open about the amount of CBD in each gummy or if there are small traces of THC. If you are using it to help you fall asleep, then it is perhaps best to choose a brand that may have higher mg per gummy.

There’s no better time to try out CBD gummies for sleep because there are so many reputable brands available out there to choose from.


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