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Are Dental Implants a Good Choice For Me?

Dentists Ron Bosher, D.D.S. and Tim Nguyen, D.M.D. weigh in on the benefits and longevity of dental implants.

What are dental implants?
A dental implant is a replacement tooth root made of a titanium post that is surgically placed into the jaw. If you’ve lost a tooth or your existing tooth is not able to be saved, a dental implant provides a permanent solution for holding a crown in place.

Why would I need a dental implant?
If you lose a tooth as a result of an accident, tooth decay, root canal failure, or gum disease, Dr. Bosher may recommend a dental implant to support a crown. Dental implants may also serve as secure anchors for a bridge or dentures.

How much do dental implants cost?
The cost of implants has continued to decrease in both cost and time while most other dental procedures have increased. Some of these savings are a result of being able to perform immediate implant placement following an extraction, and also from the evolution of digital CAD/CAM dentistry. Especially in the case of hybrid bridges, all the teeth are extracted, implants placed, and Hybrid Bridge delivered at the same appointment.

What is the success rate of implants, and how long will they last? 
Implants have a more than 98 percent success rate, and they generally last a lifetime.

Why should I get a dental implant rather than just a bridge?
First, it keeps a one-tooth problem…a one-tooth problem. If a bridge is selected to replace missing teeth, then the adjacent teeth have to be prepared (shaved down) to support a bridge. The process then involves three teeth, rather than just the one. The dental implant is much stronger and usually does not need any future treatment, whereas a bridge frequently needs to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.

What types of dental implants are available?

  • Single tooth replacement. Most often the implant is placed the same day the tooth is extracted, and a temporary tooth is provided at the same time. In a few months, the bone will have integrated into the implant, a new all-ceramic crown will be fabricated, and the implant will look and function just like a natural tooth.
  • Multiple tooth replacement. Dental implants can also replace multiple missing teeth, even replacing old and failing bridges.
  • Implant supported denture. An existing or new full denture can be made much more stable when as few as two implants are placed and the denture “snaps” onto it.
  • Hybrid bridges for fixed, full arch replacement. This is one of the newest, most exciting, and fastest-growing segments of dental implants as an alternative to full dentures.


To learn more about Dr. Bosher and Dr. Nguyen, visit where you can read about patient stories, or call 972-441-7655.

Dr. Ron Bosher is considered one of the most accomplished professionals in the field of restorative, cosmetic, and implant dentistry. Located in Plano, his practice has been dedicated to creating better and brighter smiles for more than 40 years. A member of the teaching faculty for the Institute of Implant Restorative Dentistry (IIPD), Dr. Bosher’s patients receive the benefit of his specialized training, with the most advanced technology in dentistry. He is also recognized for his humanitarian efforts by donating his skills to dental charities. A published author, Dr. Bosher teaches his advanced techniques to colleagues across the country. Dr. Ron Bosher, a recognized leader in dental implants, lectures locally and nationally on the most advanced principles in implant restorative dentistry, especially digital CAD/CAM techniques. The digital revolution in dentistry brings an accuracy that allows exceptional results. And because impressions of the mouth are rarely needed, Dr. Bosher’s patients benefit from a more comfortable and enhanced experience.

Dr. Tim Nguyen specializes in general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry for patients in Plano, TX and the entire North Dallas community. Dr. Nguyen is partnered with Dr. Bosher at Parker West Dental Associates to serve the greater North Dallas and Plano areas. After completing dental school and a residency program, Dr. Nguyen took advanced training on the latest technology and treatments associated with restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Nguyen has a special interest in family, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry using advanced technology. Dr. Nguyen has a passion for continuing education. The abiding mission of Dr. Tim Nguyen & Dr. Ron Bosher is to provide patients with excellence in care and to partner with experienced professionals who share their unwavering high standards in patient care.  Dr. Nguyen has spent a lot of time training with the advanced dental equipment, so he is able to perform laser cavity detection during dental exams, create convenient one-day crowns, and Cadent iTero for better dental restorations. 

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