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My Style: Anthony Diesch Eschews Silver Because “It Means Second Place”

The CEO of Nova Landscape Group, whose clients include Toyota and JPMorgan Chase, opts for ageless fashion, often donning Gucci loafers or Ray-Ban Aviators.
| |Photography courtesy of Anthony Diesch
Brand Aware: As a nod to Nova’s company color, CEO Anthony Diesch often adds a touch of green.

President and CEO of Nova Landscape Group Anthony Diesch, who grew up on the island of Okinawa, Japan, founded Nova in 2013. His company has since landed high-profile landscaping projects such as the JP Morgan Chase headquarters and Toyota’s headquarters.  

Whether he is on-site for a project or out to lunch with a client, Diesch is ready for any occasion so long as he isn’t wearing silver—after all, silver represents second place. Here he discusses his style icon, how he defines his style, and more: 

What I Do

“As president and CEO of Nova Landscape Group, I build and maintain relationships. Our company specializes in large-scale commercial landscape construction and has completed many high-profile projects in Dallas. My main roles are business development and leading some of the most talented team members in the industry.” 

Style Icon

“I have a few, but the one that sticks out most for me is Robert Redford. His looks are classic and timeless. His style has endured year after year, and I love that.”

On the Job

“I’m lucky that my line of work allows me to be in office settings as well as out in the field at times. When visiting one of my projects, I’m typically in jeans and boots. The next day, I’ll be in loafers and a blazer while meeting with clients in their offices or over cocktails. I get the best of both worlds.”

Fashion Inspiration

“I might see a look in a movie or a picture in a magazine. I’ll try to match the look, not copy it, but be inspired by it.”

Style Defined

“I like classic looks. To some people, fashion means new and trendy, but I like the idea of style being ageless—like classic Gucci loafers or Ray-Ban Aviators. Pieces like those are always cool.”

Fashion Essential

“A good watch. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, but if you have a good watch on, it can describe your style, even if you’re in a T-shirt and shorts. I typically wear a gold Rolex Submariner. I used to wear stainless steel Subs and silver jewelry, but an interview I watched years ago changed that. Kerri Walsh, the three-time Olympic gold medalist, was describing her style and said she only wore gold jewelry. When asked why, she said, ‘Because silver means second place.’  I’ve never worn silver after that day.”

Go-To Look

“A dress shirt, untucked and sleeves rolled up, with dark jeans and either Lucchese boots or
Gucci loafers.”

How I Accessorize

“I wear a sandalwood Mala necklace around my wrist with my watch and a gold Cartier bracelet on my other wrist. Green is usually on me somewhere, like a green croc belt. It’s a nod to our company color.”

Weekend Look

“It doesn’t change much. I feel comfortable throwing on what I wear during the week on weekends.”

Favorite Store

“We’re in Dallas, right? Neiman Marcus. Duh.”


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