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The Ultimate Guide to Dallas Hair

The people, places, and styles that put us head and shoulders above the rest.
Elizabeth Lavin

We’re so weird about hair. When it’s attached to your head, people compliment you on it. They ask who combs it for you so they can get their hair combed the same way. They ask you if it’s real. Whether your answer is yes or no, excited follow-up questions abound. Your hairstyle can even be defined as “sexy.” Mmm. Protein filament. So sexual. 

When it’s no longer attached to your head and you find it in your food? Decidedly unsexy. Unsanitary, even. Come across a pile of hair separated from its owner, and you’re at least confused, at most disgusted. Even reading the phrase “pile of hair” may cause some to dry heave. 

And then, of course, there’s how you style your hair. There are bad haircuts; there are good haircuts. Smooth hair is good; frizzy hair is bad. Flyaways must be tamed. And gray hairs are to be avoided at great expense. 

We want our haircut to showcase how individual and unique we are, so we go to Instagram and search “unique, trendy haircut” and bring a photo to our hairstylist because we want to look precisely as individual as the rest of the internet. If the hairstylist doesn’t copy it exactly, or if they do copy it exactly and it looks terrible on us because our face is “bad for curtain bangs,” we cry. A lot.

In this rollicking package of Dallas hair stories, we blow it out with tales about a 90-minute scalp massage you didn’t know you needed, why Kameron Westcott’s hairstylist refused to let her go red, how braids can make a statement, the TV news anchor who shook the airwaves with her updo, a Cowboys Cheerleader who used an orange juice can to tame her locks, and Erykah Badu’s hairstylist taking on the Texas Lege—just to list a few.

Push back those bangs, and click through. It’s the cover story for our March issue.


Alice Laussade

Alice Laussade