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Susan G. Arledge

Susan G. Arledge

E Smith Realty Partners

Susan G. Arledge, SIOR, is managing director of E Smith Realty Partners, where she represents business and corporate clients locally, regionally, and nationally, combining her market knowledge with expertise in the financial and strategic aspects of a transaction. She also leads the global site selection and incentives services for ESRP.  Prior to joining E Smith, she led Cresa Dallas and Arledge Partners Real Estate Group, a firm she founded in 1993, and was a senior vice president with The Staubach Co.

Stories by Susan G. Arledge

CRE Opinion

The Road to Real Estate Success is Paved with True Grit

Newmark's Susan Arledge: "Gritty people don’t believe that failure is a permanent solution—they fail and keep going."

Susan Arledge: The Six Most Dangerous Words in Commercial Real Estate

If someone says “I’ve always done it this way,” it’s time to find someone else. Here‘s why.

Susan Arledge: Are You ‘Just the Right Amount of Crazy?’

If you are looking for an easy job, don’t invest time in pursuing entrepreneurship. It’s both physically and emotionally exhausting, full of doubt, anxiety, and despair.

Susan Arledge: The Impending Labor Shortage—And Its Real Estate Implications

In the war for talent, there will be only winners and losers—companies that can grow, attract and retain new qualified employees and those that can’t.

Stories by Susan G. Arledge


Susan Arledge: Don’t Mess With Texas—Why Companies Are Relocating Here From California

Toyota’s relocation to Texas will, at a minimum, cost the city of Torrance about $1.2 million in annual tax revenue and affect about 3,000 employees. “When you look at the whole package, it’s difficult to be a business here,” said Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto.

Susan Arledge: Highlights from the Winter Olympics in Sochi

For those of you in real estate who don’t share my commitment/compulsion/obsession with the Winter Olympics (or, as it's now being called, the Warm Olympics), here is a recap from week one.

Susan Arledge: Some Annoying Things Successful People Do to Be Successful

When I started in the real estate business, the first piece of unsolicited advice I received came on a card taped to my phone. It read: “Successful people form the habit of doing what unsuccessful people don’t want to do.” It sounds like simple advice, but ask any athlete how many repetitions it took to perfect that swing or to master that shot, and you realize that success in any field is all about the repetitions.

Susan Arledge: 10 Reasons Why You May Not Get a Job in Commercial Real Estate

I don’t think that I can endure one more interviewee asking me how long it takes to make a lot of money in this business and in the next sentence, asking if we work on Friday, as his bungee-jumping team has Friday jumps planned for the rest of 2013. Well, future barista, you probably won’t be a good fit here.

Susan Arledge: Play it Where it Lies—and Other Life Lessons Learned from Golf

I learned the hard way that if you don't play golf, your commercial real estate career can suffer, and that I would be much better armed to achieve my life goals if I learned to play golf. So, with a Yoda-like approach, I determined I would “Do. Or do not. There is no try,” and “do” golf.