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Riis Christensen

Riis Christensen


Riis Christensen is senior vice president of tenant advisory services for Transwestern, and founded the Dallas practice for the firm in 1999. During his 30-year tenure, he has represented tenants in more than 6 million square feet of transactions. Prior to Transwestern he worked for both Fults Associates and Cawley International.

Stories by Riis Christensen


Riis Christensen: The Californication of Texas

The Lone Star State is in serious danger, and you don’t have to hack Hillary’s home-brew server to uncover the plot. It’s flappin’ in the breeze for all to see in Joe Mathews’ opinion column, where he states that the departure of Californians and California companies are “a colonization of Texas and the rest of the country.”

Riis Christensen: The Dallas Millennial—A Yo-Yoing Dumbbell?

Now before a feisty bunch of you Millennial kiddos (born between 1982 and 2004) start writing me nasty grams and going all postal on me because of this blog title, hang in there with me for a few minutes until you read my premise.

Riis Christensen: Why I’m a Spoiled Brat Broker

My tendency is to fixate on trying to torque the 1 percent of the dial that isn’t perfect—a deal or two that bombed, tax liabilities, medical issues, family or relational strife, cash flow, or things I don't have and don’t need. That’s apparently much more time than I spend counting my blessings, and that's a jacked up way to go through life.
Data Center

Riis Christensen: 14 Surefire Ways to Become a CRE Dinosaur

I continue to marvel at the evolution, longevity, and production of brokers like Thom Clark and Wayne Swearingen. I started to think about their impressive ongoing success and enthusiasm versus the ways that many brokers have failed to evolve or have become extinct over the years.

Riis Christensen: Renegade Rick Perry Takes Toyota With a Fury (The Real Story)

Renegade Texas Gov. Rick Perry has apparently engineered Toyota’s Intrepid Escape from Pacifica and given Rogue Gov. Jerry Brown a Swift Sidekick in the pants by Juke-ing the world’s largest automaker’s HQ out of the land of Gremlins and Hornets.

Stories by Riis Christensen


Riis Christensen: Talking Trash Makes Unpleasant Splash

Commercial real estate has gone from a gentlemanly golf match where one respects his opponents to a UFC cage fight where anything goes. Most tenants have existing relationships that are difficult to dislodge. So trash-talking has become more commonplace as a tactic for stripping business from competitors.
Downtown Dallas

Riis Christensen: 411 Elm Street—Cradle of Evil

The Nile River in Egypt is commonly referred to as the cradle of civilization. Although a historical infant compared to Egypt, Dallas has its own cradle—a few acres sitting in the front yard of and under 411 Elm Street. In my opinion, it’s the most important chunk of property in Dallas’ history.

Riis Christensen: The History of Dallas, Part III

In my last two posts, I wrote about how Tejas was “discovered” by Spanish immigrant/explorers 27 years after Columbus sailed the ocean blue, and how John Neely Bryan had hammered Dallas into existence in the mid-1800’s. What I’d realized prior to and during the writing of these blogs was how little I really knew about Dallas—this place I’ve called home for 35 years.

Riis Christensen: The Wickedest Woman in Dallas

Prosperity and growth in Dallas in the late 1880s attracted some shady characters. Belle Starr began her adventures in Dallas as a dance hall singer and dancer. She sold stolen horses and harbored wanted men. But Annie Wilson had already started to earn her fame as “the wickedest woman in Dallas” (please don’t send me additional nominees—I have my own list).

Riis Christensen: Tales from the Real Estate Crypt—Settle Down, Dallas!

Having now been in Big D for two-thirds of my life, it struck me recently that I knew very little about the history of the city that I have come to love and call home. Sure, I could tell you about virtually anything that has transpired in the office space realm over the past three decades, who shot J.R., and that the Cowboys need a real general manager, but I didn’t have much of a clue about Dallas history.