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John Amend

John Amend

The Amend Group

John T. Amend is founder and president of The Amend Group, an innovative commercial real estate solutions company he launched in 1989. Prior to this he was a CPA for a national accounting firm, the president of a finance company, a development partner with one of the world’s largest real estate companies. In the early 1980s, he was a driving force the formation and growth of The Staubach Co.

Stories by John Amend


John Amend: The Program Management Approach to Project Delivery

Have you ever noticed all the people who seem to get involved every time a company needs new space? A lease renewal, a regional expansion, a new office; from simple to complex, each seems to require a crowd of vendors, consultants, analysts, brokers, etc. Who are they, how are they chosen, what do they do, who pays for them, and why do they seem to be meeting each other for the first time on the project?
Commercial Real Estate

John Amend: A Tale of Two Cities

"It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." The dichotomy in this opening sentence in Charles Dickens’ legendary novel might well apply to the surprising conditions of the commercial office market in the Central Business District and Uptown areas of Dallas. The CBD Core (roughly the area from Main to San Jacinto, and from Harwood to Lamar) is separated from the Ross Avenue Corridor by a mere city block or two, and Uptown north of the Woodall Rogers Freeway by another couple of blocks—but the differences are extraordinary.
Commercial Real Estate

John Amend: The Market is What You Make of It

Real estate market dynamics are complex and subject to a individual interpretation, depending on a wide variety of circumstances and conditions. Opportunity abounds for those who are armed with knowledge and take steps to become a “market driver,” as opposed to a “market passenger."