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Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner

Duke Realty

Executive Vice President Jeff Turner has responsibility for Duke Realty’s South and West Regions, including all development, leasing, asset management, and real estate operations. He previously headed up North Texas operations, where his team grew the Dallas portfolio from 1.3 million square feet to more than 15 million square feet. Prior to joining Duke Realty in 1998, Jeff was Vice President for Paragon Group.

Stories by Jeff Turner


Jeff Turner: My Life Has Become “All Thumbs”

Real Estate has become Real Time. We sit like race car drivers at the helms of high-speed Macs and souped-up iMachines, with our pedals to the metal, fingers a blur, and necks craning downward, ever downward, searching for that one little extra bit of information that will hurdle us across the finish line to the checkered flag.
Commercial Real Estate

Jeff Turner: Low Cap Rates Riding Wave in from California

As the West Coast industrial market heats up, this trend will curl inland to places like Chicago, Phoenix and Dallas, spurring activity on the leasing front, lowering cap rates, and leading to increased building prices. There is already evidence of this in our day-to-day leasing and sales activity.
Commercial Real Estate

Jeff Turner: Hunting for Tenants

Just like the Easter egg hunts of our youth, many of us are still out there beating the bushes, looking under every nook and cranny; but this time we're searching for tenants to fill our warehouse and office buildings. And let me tell you, this back yard called Dallas could not be more competitive.