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Bob Voelker

Bob Voelker

StreetLights Residential

Bob Voelker is senior vice president and general counsel for StreetLights Residential, a premier developer of urban multifamily and mixed-use communities. He previously was a shareholder at Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr PC and the business development coordinator of the firm’s real estate group.

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Commercial Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry is Calling for Humility and Kindness

We know the problems that inequality has caused in Dallas, but the status quo is not intractable, says StreetLights Residential SVP Bob Voelker.
Commercial Real Estate

Dallas’ Growth Demands a Dialogue on Density

On a purely economic basis, density is much more efficient, says StreetLights Residential SVP Bob Voelker. Here's why.

Bob Voelker: Density and Affordable Housing in Dallas—Some Questions to Ask

A proposal being discussed at Dallas City Hall would require multifamily developers requesting up-zoning (higher density, more apartments per acre) to include affordable housing in the project.
Downtown Dallas

Bob Voelker: Urbanism, I-345 Teardown, and Affordable Housing in Dallas

Are we mature enough as a city to have this dialogue, trying to do what is best for the city and all its residents, both short-term and long-term, without immediately reverting to our old ways of name-calling? The minute we play the North vs. South Dallas card, or pit White vs. Black vs. Hispanic, we demonize very well intentioned, thoughtful people who, if you really get to know them and are willing to listen, have the best interests of the entire city at heart.
Downtown Dallas

Bob Voelker: An Audacious Plan for Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas has approximately 8,000 residents, and a goal to hit 13,000 by 2018. With changing demographics and a focus on urban living across the country, we need to set our sights higher.

Stories by Bob Voelker


Bob Voelker: DFW and the Future of Urbanism

I’ve become a huge promoter of the potential that Texas, and Dallas-Fort Worth in particular, has in store for the next 30 or so years. We live in an exciting place at the right time, and several large events over the next couple of years are going to take the region on bold new paths.

Bob Voelker: Going Horizontal

Dallas has an amazing skyline, to the point that at times we fixate on the vertical. Walking through downtown and looking up is at times breathtaking, with juxtaposed views of modern commercial office buildings, revitalized historic structures, recreational facilities, and worship centers. At the 20-foot-and-up level, it is hard to find a better city.

Bob Voelker: Texas’ Future as the Most Populous State in the Country

A recent report presented at the Texas Transportation Forum indicated that Texas could quickly become the most populous state in the country, passing California by doubling our population between 2010 and 2050. From a real estate development standpoint, this dramatic increase in population is exciting.

Bob Voelker: TOD Project Under Way in Lancaster

After years of planning, Lancaster Urban Village, a transit-oriented development, is under construction and one big step closer to rebranding the area to spur revitalization and economic development.

Bob Voelker: Foreign Investors Filling Real Estate Funding Gap

Several local real estate projects are securing gap financing by luring foreign investors to create American jobs in exchange for U.S. visas. Most of this money is coming from China under a U.S. Customs & Immigration Service (USCIS) program known as EB-5.